Saturday, April 20, 2013


I apologize for not posting anything yesterday! I was out and about. Shopping, Dining & Baking! Well, I wouldn't consider shopping as buying one plain white t-shirt. If I count my feminine products and baking essentials then sure, I was shopping. I was quite disappointed yesterday, why? Well, because every time I decide to go shopping there is NOTHING! It makes me sad because I want to get rid of these gift cards that have been dwelling in my wallet since October. It also makes me mad when I find something I like but I didn't bring my money! Oh well, "next time". I hate that phrase, people just don't understand what that means.

Enough about shopping let's go into dining! I had dinner with my brother and my boyfriend. It was hilarious and great at the same time because, my boyfriend never had Japanese "All You Can Eat" before. Whenever he asked questions it just made me crack up and I know when you're eating with someone that you're awkward around (aka my brother), I had to offer him some food. Eventually that barrier broke and he just took whatever food. The food was amazing as always, FISH ON RICE, is the best Japanese All You Can Eat in my opinion. Hot food, appetizers and drinks always comes right away and friendly servers. Well some hah. After dinner or dindin I like to call it, we grabbed some bubble tea to settle that heavy meal with cool drinks. Strawberry Banana Slush was okay, I still prefer Strawberry Mango.. 

Pretty much everything that happened yesterday! I feel proud of myself because I broke these into paragraphs! *pats on the back*


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