Monday, April 29, 2013

Completely Forgotten

I don't know about everyone else but I can tell this week is going to be horrible and its only Monday. Dear goodness me I wrote my math quiz, it wasn't pretty. I wrote my English synthesis, I don't even know if I answered the question right. Bio review? I got most of my answers wrong. I have no idea about school anymore, to make it worse I would say, I don't even know if I want to become a nurse anymore. I messaged a really old close "family" friend of mine, she happens to be a nurse and she followed the path I want to be. I decided to message her about what's it like to become a nurse and what do you need to qualify to enter the program that she took. I don't know this whole bittersweet of me graduating turned into depression I should say? Okay I should find a better synonym depression is definitely not the right word. I guess I just feel down. The reality in life is starting to hit me. No more slacking off, no more goofing around, no more taking things for granted. I never thought I'd say this but I really just want to stay in high school forever. Is that weird? This is probably a normal phase that all seniors go through. I guess its because I've been attached to high school. It is kind of similar when I used to miss elementary school. Don't get me wrong, elementary school was the bomb dot com, but there's something in high school that elementary or college cannot provide. For me that is. I'm probably singling out college because I haven't been there yet, but who knows. Let's just say I feel like it you know? I also found out that the camp out is this week and youth encounter is on May long weekend. What am I going to do, everything is... I don't know. I'm completely speechless. I can already tell May is going to be hell. Figuratively speaking of course.

Be thankful of the things that didn't hit you in life.
Believe it or not, He is the best shield you can ever get.
Feel special.
I don't know why, but this is such a cute picture.
I feel like he or she should have drawn Junior and Rolo. 
Did I ever mention how awesome One Piece is? 
I know I don't seem the type to fangirl over anime, but come on, anime is great.
Garp, Buggy, Mihawk, Edward Newgate(White Beard), Smoker, Shanks, Rayleigh
I think they are missing a few people? I don't know.. LOL
Right! My friend Will drew this.
He asked me to put this on my blog and share it, although I don't know.
He is an amazing talented artist, quite the skill he has. 
Usually I don't put this stuff on my blog, but since he is a friend, why not?
If you guys like his art, contact me :D!
 Ah, I am going to miss Student Government(Council)
Two weeks ago BBQ
Boy, am I glad I did Speech Arts =)
Gianmarco, Me, Daniela, Alex & Patrick
Cheers, 2013!

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