Sunday, April 28, 2013

Frogs & Bees

Can this week get any stressful? Tests after test, its a never ending mess! It's like teachers meet up and plan to pack our lives with test, quizzes and what not! What's even worse is that I slept the entire day, yesterday was quality time with the boyfriend & Friday was the RadioActive dance. I knew I could have studied yesterday but let's be honest who would study when friends are over? I've been recently watching 8 Simple Rules as well so that's not helping. Come to think of it... I'm blogging! Oh well blog > studying ? Let's see what I have this week.

Tomorrow Day 1
-Biology Review
-English in class synthesis
-Math Quiz (Damn)

Tuesday Day 2
-Law Test: Chapter 8 & 9 (Not that bad)
-Chem Quiz (kill me)
-Spare (I gotta do my PLO's)

Wednesday Day 1
-Bio Quiz (Oh no)

That's all I know for now, just reminding myself. I can't really study anymore, genius me left everything at school! :(

This is too cute.

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