Thursday, April 18, 2013

Into the Wild

Why, hello there!

I have a lot of things to say but for some reason I cannot process it into words. I guess I'm having a brain fart or being tongue tied. I don't even know the correct term for what I am currently feeling. First blog post of the  new blog hazah!Oh gosh, if I read that sentence to myself I sound really awkward. Well, I am awkward. However that's besides the point, I made this blog because I felt that my old blog was kind of... OLD. (Gee, I don't say). I kind of want to experience the whole "new changes" in life, not making it any dramatic or anything I just started off with a blog. Hopefully this goes off with a bang.
Oh and this blog is still under construction.
AND youtube channel:


Too hard core for the first blog post? 
I'm guessing this is from the anime Shaman King. I'm just so intrigued by the skeletons.
YES! They should have died! 

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