Saturday, April 27, 2013


Yesterday was our last dance of the year, no doubt it LOOKED fun, however we(Michelle A & Leo) couldn't really enjoy ourselves. Why? because ALL of our friends couldn't come! Which sucks because it was our last dance. I know it didn't really mean anything to them, but it kinda sucked cause we put a lot of effort into this dance. It's like when you do something for a class project, it looks amazing but your teacher only gives you 99%. It feels like that. Regardless I say we still had fun at the dance even though there was a lot less dancing. I guess all that's left is prom and of course after grad.
Boring class ever
Michelle A, Erika T, Meghan & Me

Michelle A & Erika T
Student Executive! Gonna miss them :')
Leo, Krystianna, Michelle A, Me, Giulia and Gianmarco!
(Treasurer, Vice-President, Honorary Exec, Public Relations, Secretary & The Prez)

Public Relations & Vice-President <3
@ the Lab!
Jeremy, Me & Michelle A
Too cold?
Black Light Themed

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