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Most of my posts for now will be about stories I write.
I wrote this a long time ago for an original composition with the topic:
People's views on life can be changed.

I looked at the lady whose hands were clutching the hems of my pants. She was on her knees, sobbing for mercy. “Please don’t hurt me, I’ll give you anything you want! I promise” she cried out as her clutch became a full on grip on my ankle. This was like déjà vu all over again, the person I last killed said those very words. I looked from left to right to find the nearest weapon so I could finally put an end to her weeping. After no luck of finding anything I placed two of my fingers on the nape of her neck and applied pressure until her grip began to release. “I don’t really like using this method, I think paralyzing is cheap but my orders were to assassinate everyone.” I said to interrupt her faint murmurs. I pulled out the tablet that they gave me and opened the mission folder, I bent down to get a closer look of the lady who I just paralyzed. “Blue eyes, check. Black hair, check” I said aloud to myself as I started to compare the picture I had opened up. “Now to see if you are truly the victim they want to eradicate.” I searched for the tattoo with an x and a semicolon, I spotted it quickly since her left hand was covering her elbow after she fell to the ground. I smiled and started to feel around her neck until I hit the vein I was looking for. “Ah-ha!” I said and applied pressure to the point, her eyes immediately shut close which meant my job was over.

The tablet started vibrating in my hands. I hesitated to pick it up, I knew it was them, they were going to give me another mission. I started fidgeting with the tablet and decided to put it away in my pocket and headed out of that dreadful cave of that lady. I walked around the forest and noticed how tall the trees were and how alluring they were as the sunlight shone through them while the scent of magnolia was laced with the leaves’ trees. My smile returned until the vibrating continued. I opened the tablet and seven missed calls popped up. My heart started to race and my whole body became shaky, just as I was about to return the call I felt a smack in the middle of my back and a jab from below to my jaw. I submitted to the floor and just as my eyes were about to close I saw a familiar logo that was placed on the back of the attacker’s clothes. It was the same logo tattooed on my middle back. It was one of them.

I woke up strapped to a chair alone in a room with a dim light shining through the rooftop window. My heartbeat started to accelerate, I began frantically wiggling around something that would free me. I don’t want to go through this again, not now not ever. I stopped as soon as I heard a key twist the door open and shut my eyes hoping they would leave me alone till I woke up, I was wrong. The person that opened the door was followed by  another person who was wearing a dark coat, that person is the very same person whom I feared. “Leave him alone with me” he demanded and the person scurried out of the room as fast as he could. I wish he didn’t.

“Wake up” he said. I slowly opened my eyes to find his face only a few inches away from mine. He wore an angry face. “This is strange, this is my first time having to talk to you”
“I’m so-“ he slapped me across the face before I could speak. “You will be allowed to talk until I tell you. Your mission are rules are very clear. You will answer to our calls, you will do whatever we say. Don’t forget who saved you and brought you up” he hissed as his hands were locked on my jaw. Tears started to stream down my face since my jaw was one of the flaws they forgot to inject protection when they were operating on me. Tears began forming at my eyes and he took notice of it. “Don’t you know its forbidden to show any emotion here, especially in front of me. I think I shall teach you a lesson.” His grip on my jaw became stronger, the cracking became more frequent every time his grip grew stronger. He kept doing this until I screamed and the tears were flowing from my eyes. A person ran inside the room and the man in the dark coat smirked and just walked away leaving but before that he whispered something into the man’s ear and left the two of us in the room.

I could feel the blood filling inside my mouth. The man who just entered rushed to my aid as he pulled out a cloth and gently shoved it in my mouth to help stop the bleeding. “There’s wild geranium and yarrow infused with the cloth, those two are special herbs that help stop internal bleeding and clean out any bacteria in your mouth. Also to soak up all the blood as well” he said unbuckling the straps from the chair. I could barely move and yet alone feel anything, however I did feel the vibration in my pocket. I quickly picked it up and the message read: you will follow his order, he will train you to become the man you’re supposed to be, obedient and ruthless. I replied with a simple yes and bowed at my new teacher. He waved his hand and started to make his way out of the building. I simply followed him.

He led me far away as possible from the building to an underground cell with the same symbol from the lady’s elbow. I didn’t know what was going on but all I knew was to keep quiet and follow orders. Maybe I was supposed to spy on them or assassinate but how could I do this with a broken jaw? But this guy knows that I’m from Jin’s side, so what’s going on. He led me to a room, similar to the one I was just in but instead of just a chair there was a table and two chairs. He sat down first and told pointed at the chair while he smiled at me. I wanted to smile back but the words of Jin struck back at me, show no emotions. I sat down facing him. He stood up and removed the cloth away from my mouth and gave a little nudge to my jaw.
“Say something”
“Hi” I said. I felt my jaw, everything seemed to be fixed. It wasn’t tender or sore it was completely normal. He went back to his seat and looked at me. I felt his eyes examining me, it was like how Jin does it but this time I didn’t feel the need to cringe.
“Poor you, you have been hurt so many times haven’t you?”
“Yes sir”
“I can see it in your eyes the mental abuse and physical abuse you received from them. They were quite harsh to you weren’t they?”
“Yes sir” I shamefully bowed my head. “Your boss, teacher, master or whatever instructed me to teach you and return you back. However I don’t plan on returning you back. You must know who I am by now, you’ve been attacking my people and soldiers for so long, but I realized that it wasn’t your intention was it?”
“No sir, I-I don’t know. Jin taught me that life was nothing but submitting to stronger people, that the strongest rules over the weak. That in order to live in this world we must be emotionless and kill all weak people, sir”
“Well the only rule you have to follow is to be yourself, treat everyone equally and you’ll be fine, so if you want to cry go ahead.”
“No, sir” I said being firm but the amount of tears that have formed in my eyes from the moment he said if you want to cry go ahead. He stood up and did something that I have never gotten before, a hug.

“You my boy are in the process of healing” as he patted my head. “What Jin has taught you about life have been nothing but garbage. Life isn’t about killing and dominating over the weak. It’s about living peacefully and equally with one another, even with the weak.” I stopped crying, it felt good to cry like that. I felt the pain that Jin inflicted upon me dissolve in this man’s kindness. “I thought life was all about pain and hatred, that’s what I was taught, but sir you helped me open my eyes that life is more than that! It’s about being yourself even if it’s expressing yourself such as crying!”
“You are completely right kiddo! Stop calling me sir, instead call me Xin.” I smiled and hugged him, I knew at this moment life would be brighter. I felt the vibrating again in my pocket, I took it out and smashed it on the floor. I knew my destiny was to follow my own path, to make my own life not Jin controlling me.

My love :')

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