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Last Letter

My English teacher assigned us a free write. However she gave us two options on how to start our free write. One of them was: Late at night, write a story about books talking. What would they fight about? What do they talk about. The second option was: "A mother stops scolding her child for nibbling on the wall after she discovers the wallpaper peeling off revealing words. Of course I chose the second one, so here is my story.

If anyone found this let me just say what you've heard was all wrong, let me tell you what really happened that night. I was with Martha not with Lucy, let’s just get that straight. The only reason why I’m writing on this wall is because I know no one(at this time that is) will be smart enough or clever(we can say) to find my last words or dying words. Okay, here goes nothing. It was just a regular night with Martha until she went through my bag and found letters from Lucy. I swear nothing happened between Lucy and I before any ideas come to mind. Anyways Martha opened all the letters which revealed pictures of Lucy trying to be seductive and of course Martha flipped out I mean what kind of woman wouldn't right? However she didn't even let me talk or give reasons why, I had those letters because I wanted to tell her about this Lucy girl who has been pretty much stalking and trying to be with me. No matter how many times I told Lucy I have a fiance she kept being persistent. Right when I walked in she chucked the pictures at my face and began pounding my chest with her small fist screaming “YOU CHEATER! SCUMBAG!” I didn't know what to do but try to hug her and calm her down, but she pushed me off and ran out the door. This is where the REAL truth comes, not Lucy’s truth or the witness’ truth because you know why? I was there. I followed Martha.

 Of course she didn't notice me with all that anger and sorrow clouded in her mind, I didn't dare to call out to her because I knew she would go on a rampage or do something she and I would regret since she is pregnant  so I kept my distance making sure she would be okay. Non-stop running from the both of us until she stopped at a house where I wasn't familiar with. She knocked down the door open and ran inside, I moved to follow her as I watched from the window where Martha was screaming at a familiar figure, it was Lucy. I moved closer to the window so I would be able to hear what they were screaming at each other. “You home wrecker ” Martha shouted “I’m guessing Lukas told you that he was cheating on you with me” she giggled folding her arms. At that moment my heart beat was rising, what a liar, what is she trying to do. Just as I was about to get up and go inside the house to confront Lucy I heard Martha weeping like I never heard before. “Did you know I was pregnant? How dare you ruin my soon to be family.” she whimpered. I froze, I couldn't get up or scream or anything. Hearing that and the fact that my soon to be wife was in distraught for something I didn't even do. “Boo-hoo, you should go die, Lukas hates kids” Lucy said. I can hear the malicious slander ripping the heart of my dear beloved Martha as she wept uncontrollably. At this point I somehow grew strength within my knees to run inside the house and to end this chaos.

As I reached inside the house I noticed Martha’s arms were cradled around her abdominal area. I knew it was something to do with the baby, I quickly ran towards her aid where I saw a puddle underneath her. I thought to myself oh crap, she’s in labor  Just as I was about to carry her on my back I felt a sharp pain striking my head and immediately fell to the ground. It was Lucy with a pan in her hand and I saw her escorting Martha to the basement after that I blacked out. I know you’re probably thinking that I left some parts out because I was unconscious or that I blacked out, surely enough I probably missed some minor details but this is where all their questions will be answered, about my deceased fiance: Martha. My eyes shot open as soon as Lucy threw the bucket of cold water at me. The first thing I saw was Martha lying on a cot screaming in pain. My first reaction was to run to her and get her some real help but I couldn't, I couldn't move any part of my body, not even my own neck for I was chained to a wall. “Lukas why did you do this to me? I could have given you this if that’s what you wanted.” Lucy cried as she aided Martha giving birth to my daughter. I’m not going to describe every detail because no one really wants to know what it looks like, but seeing my daughter born was the best thing ever, the worst thing was losing Martha all because of Lucy. After Lucy helped Martha, she went away with my daughter and came back empty handed. “I’ll give you an option. You can live with me and I’ll spare Martha’s life or you can have your newborn baby girl and be with me but you’re going to have to say goodbye to Martha” When I heard her say that, no doubt I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping someone would hear me and run here. I looked at Martha who wasn't even saying anything. Her eyes were droopy and it looked like she was about to sleep. I remember calling out to her and she replied “take care of our baby, I’m sorry I ever doubted you” and with that she closed her eyes.

I knew Martha died, all that pain and emotion drained her and probably strained her heart. I looked at Lucy who had a big grin on her face, I had no other choice and she knew it too. I had to be with her and pretend I loved her for the sake of our daughter which Martha left behind. Lucy quickly let me go and called the authorities saying how Martha was the crazy stalker and ruining our family. It’s funny because it was the other way around. I kept my mouth shut until this day, my beautiful daughter: Hailey, I am sorry I couldn't watch you grow until you were 10, 16, 25 or even till this day. I know you’re reading this because your mom Lucy gave you this house didn't she? Hailey don’t be alarmed although Lucy was messed up she was a motherly figure for you, even when I decided to kill myself. I know you've been wondering about me well this is what happened. Lucy isn't your real mother, Martha is. Ever wondered why you had scarlet hair when my hair was dark brown and Lucy’s was blonde? Genetic disorder she told you didn't she? That is a complete lie, your real mother: Martha had this beautiful dark scarlet hair. You inherited it from her. You were the only thing that kept me going, but when Lucy was threatening to change everything about you I couldn't take it anymore. I’m sorry my beautiful Hailey. Your mother and I will always be watching over you, Lucy is old and can’t do anything now. If you can do not let her near your children. Avoid her, at all cost. Even burn this house down!

I love you Hailey, me and your mother do. Always. It was always about you. I felt tears run down my cheeks and a sudden change within my heart.

How could I just accept this? I've been wondering all my life where my father had gone and this explains it. My mother who raised me isn't my mother but a psycho person? How will I break it to Damien? He loves her. How did he know I was going to read this? Did he predict Damien would chew on the wall? I can't believe this, at least I know what really happened.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this, now go check the video down below!

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