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English teacher assigned us four prompts to write a story for her English Honors class. She said if any of our stories gets picked by one of them, we automatically get an A. Of course I'm going to try this.
Prompt #1: Unfinished Business
with a hint of prompt #2: Man Afraid of Darkness

When I was a little boy I remember my father always going out late at night, with his black back-pack that I now use. I'm pretty amazed on how he managed to keep this bag in good shape, I mean with all the things he used to do, it gets pretty gruesome and hard. I guess that's why they call him "the best" in the business. Now, I'm going to have to live in his legacy. No, he's not dead but he's very old and weak. But that doesn't mean he stops doing his job. He actually completed a couple of tasks today, not by him but through me. He praises me quite well because I do such a "fantastic job" he says, but I hate doing this. Who likes making someone go through their fears before killing them? Someone who is sadistic and cruel that's who. That person is none other than my father. And me? Hell no! I'm scared to death when I do what he asks me to, but the worst thing is I can't object. There's something about him that I fear, something in his eyes that I can't overcome. I'm just afraid because I don't know what's his plan or what he's planning. Maybe it's because of what happened to Rene.

"Liam" a cold voice called out to me. "Yes?" I responded quickly. "Come over here, I have your new task today." I walked over to where he was sitting, the orange couch where I used to play with my twin brother. He handed me two sheets that had scribbles of notes written all over. "The time I want you to finish in today's task is 2 hours. With your skills it'll probably take 30 minutes"
"Is there anything you want from this task?"
"Other than the victim's whimpers and fear?" he responded stroking his chin.
"No" he grinned. "Now get going, remember if you fail this task, don't even bother coming back home" he muttered standing up and walking to the next room, leaving me alone with the orange couch and the two sheets of paper in my hands. I made my way to the front door which was equipped with heavy duty locks, chains and bolts. I sighed heavily while unlocking the locks, leaving the devil's home to complete another mission.

I kept shifting my eyes from left to right hoping to find the address he had written on the paper. "4901, 4902, 4903" I whispered to myself hoping to find my destination. "4904, 4905! Ah ha!" I shouted joyfully, I glanced at my clock, only 10 minutes has passed by. I pulled over a couple of blocks away from the house, not making it too obvious for the neighbors to see. I quickly walked towards the house and made my way through the backyard. I grabbed the papers to read the first instructions "cut off all electricity, cut the blue wire on pole 543" I said to myself. I ran towards it not caring if I was caught by the homeowner, I opened the box which revealed red, yellow, orange and blue wires all entangled into one. "Cut all blue wires" I whispered as I severed all of them. I folded the papers away because I knew what to do, torment the victim and kill him or her. I quickly ran towards the back door, just as I was about to grab the knob the door opened. It revealed a blonde lady with green eyes who was wearing maroon jeans and an over sized sweater. "Mom?" I questioned quietly. "Who are you?!" she shouted backing away, I placed my hands on her mouth to shut her up and pushed her forward. Slamming the door behind me.

Her arms and legs were sprawled across the floor. "What do you want?" she questioned sitting up trying to back away. I felt my heart beat accelerate, she looked just like my mom, but this girl she's too aggressive. I could feel my fear dissolving into rage, how dare this women look like my mother and be this disgusting. I grabbed her wrist squeezing hard, feeling the bones cracking against my hand. She screamed so loudly that I had to grab her jaw and break it, once I heard the bones crack a smirk grew onto my face. All that came from her were whimpers and tears. She was now on the floor lying like a fetus, with her hands tenderly on her jaw, hoping she could fix it. I scooped her up with no problem, it looks like she doesn't want to fight anymore. I ran downstairs knowing that 15 minutes has passed. 5 more minutes until my time is up.

I threw the lady on the floor and dragged her to the nearest wall so I could chain her, just as my father did to all of his victims. "If I recall you're afraid of being alone in the dark, unable to move?" I questioned. Her eyes widened and began to try to pull herself away from the wall. "Well, get used to it. I live like this everyday. At least someone will know how I feel. To make it easier for you how about I paralyze you?" Her tears became more excessive as I approached her, lining my two fingers on the nape of her neck. "Hold on this will just take a second" I mumbled. Feeling around until I felt the major vein and artery connecting to the spinal chord, I slammed my hand against her neck. With that her head fell resting on her left shoulder. I shut off all the lights and quickly ran upstairs. I ran out the door, closing it softly.

"My boy, you are really my son" he greeted me with a hug. I smiled and accepted his embrace, for the first time. I could get used to this as I felt my fear melt away once again but in joy not in anger. "You know, that women you just killed?"
"Yeah what about her?"
"She looks like your mom, doesn't she?" he laughed, letting go and heading towards the orange couch. "Yeah" I murmured. "Well, remember when I told you your mom cheated on me, that's her daughter. Basically you're half sister" he casually laughed and with that my joy sprung into anger. I ran towards the door until I heard his cold voice which hit me like daggers "don't even bother trying to save her, she's already dead now. Besides if you go there, you are no longer welcome back into this house." I turned to face this cruel man who I tried to please just so I could get a little bit of love from him, but instead all I got was fear and darkness. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and locked the door. Allowing the darkness to engulf me.

This darkness I can take, it's just my father's darkness is the one I can't. First he makes me kill my own twin brother, Rene and now my half sister? What more can he take away from me? I began sobbing trying to find the box that my mother had left me under my bed, right before she disappeared. I ran my fingers on the surface of it, I never dared opening it until now. Pictures of her, Rene and me were scattered inside the box and several letters. One of the letters were encased in an envelope stating "Task Completed". I tore it open quickly since I knew it was my mother's writing. Only one page was inside but with a lot of writing, I began reading it as tears invaded my eyes.

Dear my beloved Liam & Rene,
I want you two to both know that I love you very much. Know that I left because I had to, If I didn't leave then he would've just killed all of us. He was a very loving man until I found out all about his deeds. I tried so hard to hide it from you two but the bruises on my face, arms and legs weren't helping at all. I promise one day you two and I will live happily ever after. But for now, I just can't live like this. Know that you two together are stronger than him, you two will eventually beat him and be happy. Maybe not now, but some time you will be. Don't be afraid of him, I'll be with you always. I love you guys.

Tears were now steaming down my cheek and staining the letter. I'm so stupid, the only person that cared for me, I killed him because I was afraid of my father. I don't even know why I was afraid of him until now, I mean he can't even kill a simple person. Why should I be afraid of him? He asks me to kill his victims, if anything he should be afraid of me. I can feel my rage becoming stronger and stronger. I stood up and ran outside my bedroom trying to find the man who pushed me around for too long. I started to smirk once I knew what I was going to do to my father, I'm going to repay him for what he had done to me. He took away my brother and my sister, not to mention all those innocent lives for the sake of his pleasure. Well I'm going to take away something special away from him, his life. I ran down the stairs hoping to find him on that orange couch but there was no one sitting there. I went to the kitchen, basement, washroom and even his bedroom and he was no where to be found. I made my way to the back door noticing that my keys were gone. "That jerk! He took my car!" I shouted banging the door.

My father left before I could do anything, My fear for him has completely vanished at this point, how dare he leave with out letting me take my anger out on him like he did to my mother or Rene. "Liam, you must end this" I whispered to myself grabbing a kitchen knife and heading out the door. I took out the sheet of paper and wrote in big letters with a box beside it: KILL DAD. "I'm not going to rest until I have his blood on this knife" I said aloud laughing maniacally.

EHHH, I really don't like how I ended it. I don't even know. It made no sense to me HAHA. Well I tried, hopefully its okay. Not my best work. I really disliked these prompts, my bad guys!

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