Friday, May 31, 2013

Funga Fufu

I felt my body fight against the wind and beads of sweat dropped down from my head and unto the track pavement. My arms moving up and down, and my feet stomping the ground. My eyes were fixed on the bright white banner and red font that said: finish line. I quickly shot a glance at my opponents behind me, three who still haven’t completed the second lap and as usual he was on my tail. I felt my limbs accelerate as more adrenaline were pumped into my legs and arms. More oxygen was being inhaled than ever before. Just a few more strides I thought as the white banner started to become more visible. Only one more stride, as my left foot stomped on the pavement a sharp pain traveled up my shin. “AGH!” I screamed, my vision became blurry and my legs gave way. I felt my body land on the track concrete and my hand slammed right onto the finish line. The crowd’s cheer became silent and the only thing I could hear was my name. “YOH!” a bunch of people screeched.

“Doctor will he be alright?”
“With plenty of rest and supplements he should be fine.”
“Doctor, what happened?”
I slowly opened my eyes to find two figures hovering over me. One was dressed in a lab coat and the other was wearing red track pants with stars printed at the waist and a white t-shirt. “Yoh!” the guy called out running towards me, he started to grip the bed’s fence. I moved my gaze from him to the wires that seemed like they were etched onto my body. “Since he is awake, I shall explain what happened” the man in the lab coat said. My eyes were fixed on him as my heart was starting to beat faster. What did happen? I can’t remember. All I could remember was falling to the ground and not finishing the race. My eyes widened and I lurched forward only to feel a sharp pain growing within my knee. I clutched it while beads of tears began to form. “Yoh!” the guy called out looking me in the eye. I averted my eyes with humiliation and wiped away the tears. “Mr.Yoh, you tore the femoral nerve. This nerve allows you to move your leg and feel sensation, however since you tore it, the great sensation of burning running up along your leg and knee is quite painful. Isn’t it?” the doctor said looking at me. I clutched my knee. “What does this mean?” the guy in track pants glared at him. Tears started flowing from my eyes, I know what this means. “I won’t be able to...” I murmured. “Run anymore” he finished my sentence looking firmly at me.

I slumped back down to the bed and faced the other way, having my back towards them. I bit my lip so hard that blood began to form inside my mouth. “Yoh, it will be alright” the boy in the star track pants said as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “Leave me alone” I replied as the tears started to become abundant. My pillow was almost soaked. “Yoh!” he shouted. I sprang up from my bed to face him, I glared at him even though the tears in my eyes obstructed me from seeing him as normal. “LEAVE ME ALONE, HAO!” I screamed as my breath became more heavy. Hao backed away and made his way to the door as well as the doctor, leaving me alone in the room. I began sobbing furiously and started to punch everything around me. I could feel the capillaries in my hands rupture as they were smashing the metal bed gates. “Why? why? why? why?” I screamed sobbing into my hands. “Hey, didn’t you hear what the doctor said? You should be fine if you get some rest” a voice called out. I frantically began searching for the source of the voice. “Right here!” the same voice said, I focused all my direction to the corner where a curtain started opening from the center, revealing a female with an arm and leg brace. “Who are you?” I questioned staring at her braces that wrapped around her arm and legs. “My name is Leah” she said smiling. I looked away still having my grip on my knee.
“Does it hurt?” I raised my eyebrow. I released my grip and nodded. “Did that hurt?” I responded still having my eyes on her braces. She slowly moved both hands on one arm and one leg. She nodded as well and smiled. “Yoh, I know it must be painful right now, but you learn to live with it” she said tightening the strap on her leg brace. I watched how slow she was doing it. I started to try and get off my bed to help her. “Stay in bed please, I don’t need help”
“But you’re struggling, let me help you!” I insisted until one of my feet landed on the floor. “No you mustn't” she looked at me with tears in her eyes. “How will I be able to get better? I can’t always rely on people to help me” she whimpered slowly adjusting the straps.

“Yoh, I know what you’re feeling. It’s not easy to not being able to do what you love anymore” she continued focusing her eyes on the braces wrapping around her limbs. “Trust me, I know. I used to be a swimmer, I strained the nerves in my arms and legs. I was lucky enough that I didn’t strain it all the way to my spinal chord” she smiled weakly at me. Here I am crying about this stupid tear when Leah has it worse. “How are you able to smile when you can’t swim anymore?” I questioned like my words were daggers since her smile faded. “There’s no use feeling depressed all the time just because I can’t do a couple of things. After all I’m still alive! Even though they say I have a 90% of not being able to swim, I still have a 5%!” she exclaimed wiping her tears away. My heart started to go back to it’s original beat and a curve began to grow among my lips. “Hey Yoh, no one can tell you what to do besides yourself. Even if you can’t control things around you, you can control things if it is yourself. When they say you won’t be able to run, they are just challenging you!” she said as she got up from her bed and started walking towards me. I smiled and put the other foot down gently, sparks of pain began to shoot up. I shut my eyes hard and began whimpering. I felt gentle hands wrap around one of my hand and the pain started to dissipate slowly.

“Let’s work hard to overcome this trial! I know we can both do it, we’re strong enough to adapt!” I said smiling at her. She nodded and returned the smile. “Hey, Yoh. I’m sorry for being insensitive, I took a break from track so I can help you recover from thi-”
“Hao!” I said as I shot him a smile. “I should be sorry, thank you! I will need your help!” Hao smiled “this won’t be easy you know? Hao’s therapeutic walk will be extremely difficult!”
“I’m ready!”
“If you don’t mind, um Hao, can I take it as well?” Leah spoke out blushing. Hao winked “of course madame!” We all exchanged looks and began laughing. Looks like I was just being over emotional, anything is possible to get over with, if you believe.  

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