Wednesday, May 8, 2013


There lived a girl in a tiny house on the mountains. She lived alone of course, but that didn't bother her since she pretty much grew up alone. Which meant that she cooked for herself, cleaned for herself, did the chores around the house and believe it or not she worked for herself. There are times where she gets pretty lonely and she just stops what she's doing and sulks on her bed. It cannot be help for she is alone. After a few minutes of her sulking she usually gets up and continues her work, if not she most likely ends up at the kitchen table eating her favourite dessert ever: blueberry cheesecake. She didn't buy this dessert, no, but she made it. It was the last thing her grandmother ever taught her, how to make blueberry cheesecake. After eating her blueberry cheesecake she definitely goes back to whatever she was doing prior to sulking and hums a joyful tune, a tune that her grandmother always sang when the girl would always be sad. Then after that she prepares for bed and peacefully goes to bed, trying to remember all her good memories.
As the girl grew older she decided to pack her things and move out into the city, where her cousin invited her to stay with her. Of course the girl accepted and moved straight to be with her cousin, for she didn't even know herself she had another family member. Her cousin was a great young lady, she was a doctor and decided the moment she met her cousin to take care of her. All was good until her cousin died in a car accident, the very same way her grandmother had died. Again the girl was alone, not in a tiny house but a really big mansion. The girl was halfway through medical school but continued studying for the sake of her cousin. No matter how hard life knocked her down she kept standing back up or no matter how far she sunk she kept trying to swim up to reach surface. When she finished medical school and received her Ph.D in Medicine she immediately got hired, because of her outstanding grades. She worked as a surgeon very hard trying to save patients. When she couldn't save the patients, the patients' family members would ridicule her or talk bad about her right in front of her face. Of course this hurt her and she would always run into the break room taking out a slice of blueberry cheesecake. She felt better but the wound in her heart was almost unbearable to withstand.
She thought to herself...
I've been hurt in so many ways, as soon as I think life would get better it just backfires on me. Even when I had horrible things happen to me I continue to smile, but now... but now it's too much.
/She quit being a surgeon and moved back to the mountains, when she arrived she saw her tiny house, but to her surprise smoke was coming out. No, it wasn't on fire, someone happened to be inside cooking! She carefully approached the window to find a very attractive guy. She carefully brought her hands to both cheeks and blushed. The attractive guy inside glimpsed at the window to find a gorgeous young lady. Their eyes met and in an instant they knew they were made for each other.

I won't continue the story because this is the first time experiencing with this type of story. I don't know, I was angry and I needed to blow some steam.

I feel weak, Lord, help me.

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