Monday, May 20, 2013


God, you are truly amazing. Your love is bigger than any pain, burdens, suffering, confusing, doubt ANYTHING! Lord you are the light in my darkness, You are my saviour when I'm in trouble, Your amazing being makes us falls onto our knees because You are the Lord of all. You are my strength when I cannot do anything, You are my motivation. For the past couple weeks my eyes were covered in dirt, my heart was surround by chains and my mind was taking control. I was only doing things that seemed right in my head, I was ignoring this uneasy feeling in my heart, I was ignoring my conscience. I thought I couldn't escape this never ending cycle of pain until yesterday, where You my Lord, wiped the dirt off my eyes and broke the chains surrounding my heart. You embraced me with your love and grace, it was just so magical and amazing. I thank you Lord, for you are always there, Lord, you are always with me.

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