Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sweetest Thing

The two days have been busy. Friday I was at the camp out test trial at the library. I joined the outdoor club because I thought: "hey, let's try something new". I learned how to set up a tent, a sleeping pad, and take down a tent. My friends and I cooked our own meals, A LOT of sodium but hey, lots of food that are instant and in a can have sodium. It was quite satisfying having noodles & vienna sausages. Maybe it was because I had Mcdonald's before. It was really fun since we played hide n' seek in the dark around the whole school, I managed to be one of the winners who couldn't be found(hell ya!). We ended up sleeping late & waking up early. Bad move haha!
The next day I went out with my friends. We had some froyo, pizza and watched Perks of Being a Wallflower. I got to say the book was 100 times better than the film. The film was so... surreal. It's weird seeing a 13 year old boy go through all of that. They should have just let the book, be the book! I came home really late last night, I wanted to blog yesterday but my bed was calling me.
Today nothing out of the ordinary. Went to church, had some Japanese food & more Froyo. Now I'm having bubble tea & pizza. #fatlife? Can I hashtag on blogs??
Me & The Boyfriend :)

It's hard to get him to smile :P
Me, Jon, Boyfriend & Austin
Can't go wrong with some Froyo! Menchies < Qoola

Strawberry Mango BBT
Father and Mother looking so classy in the sun
Sandal Slip On Heels & Ankle Heel Boots

Foreign Colours
Dark Green Jacket - Winners $80
Faded Denim Button-Up - Salvation Army $6
Black n White Stripped Crop Top - Stitches $10
Blue High-Waisted Jeggings - Mom's
Black Slip-On Sandals - Mom's

Casually Floral
White Plain Tee - H&M $12
Floral Skirt - Zara $15
Black Keds - Ked's Official Store $40

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