Thursday, September 12, 2013


I thought I would return to the world of blogging, I've got caught up with so many things that I become lazy to not blog when I have free days. Well time to change that as always and hopefully I can keep this decision! Instead of uploading pictures or doing any of that I realized what better way to start this decision of mine by jotting down what I've done so far up until this day.

My last post was in August? Not too long ago but I should've kept it daily, anyways. Started to work more frequently now but they stopped giving me shifts because they have to evaluate all the BTS(back to school) employees and they are going to start giving shifts after that, I hope I did well. I mean I made a lot of sales and I got top sales during labour day, so that was pretty cool. Although I felt some people at work were kind of skeptical and taking sides saying I shouldn't have won that. I confided in a lot of people about that however they all said the same thing: "you did a good job, they are jealous because it isn't them, its you!" However of course words like that aren't enough so I'm going to apply for a new job, a medical store to help reinforce my experience with my interest of area: MEDICAL! Not only that but I got an offer to volunteer at the hospital which I am quite stoked for. A lot of things are coming and going and I am pretty darn happy because of that. Hard work eventually will pay off.

Speaking of hard work: COLLEGE! I am not enrolled in college and let me just say this, I fricken miss high school. I never would of imagined I said that, but I really do. I miss the familiar faces and especially teachers. Not only that but Student Council and doing announcements. Talking to younger grades and volunteering with different stuffs, it just isn't the same anymore and I wished we could all get our degrees in high school. Oh well, what can you do. The work load is pretty much the same in a way? I mean the workload right now is probably the third week of October in high school, since I am a keener this is no problem, its just that I have no one to rely on, HOWEVER I did make a couple of friends and got a ton of numbers so I guess that's the beauty of college, new faces! My courses this semester
-Philosophy 1103
-Creative Writing 1103
-Biology 1109
-Psychology 1200
How do I feel about my courses? I love them, except Philosophy. I never really knew what philosophy was about until the love for wisdom, finding out the meaning in life and the truth. It is a very sort of kind of religious course in a way but not? I guess cause the questions are so deep it makes you touch your spiritual self. My teacher is great he reminds me of Hagrid from Harry Potter(great series). Creative Writing is a blast, I'm just trying to get by so I can actually take the next Creative Writing and that's my area of love since its about fantasy and all that. Right now its just about character development which is kinda cool. Biology is just another biology 12 for me, super easy. Labs aren't really necessary. Psychology? I don't know how to feel about that but I hope I get this right?
I really hope I get an A.

I guess that's enough ranting and catching up, I need to sleep.

Technically its Thursday, so Throwback Thursday to the day where
Boyfriend and I had our first date! It was at Stanley Park and we 
walked around then saw ducks, ate a tomato. It was the beginning of
something special he and I have<3

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