Sunday, October 27, 2013

Savage Garden

1. I was inspired by the name of one of my nail polish. It was called Iced Spiced. I don't know where enticed came from though.

2. Being awkward

3. I want to say talking to new people and approaching them?

4. I only have piercings on my ears and in total I have 7.

5. I technically don't have a favourite band however at the moment I'm in love with Air Supply! Duo band.

6. Wow I was just thinking about recording my dreams, I guess I can start right now.

  • I was at my elementary's back parking lot "playground." I happened to be with my family friends and just for safety issues I'm not going to list their names but they're married. However she was flirting and kissing another guy and her husband came up to me and started venting, then I called her out on it and she said he was boring and she wanted someone new, but I had to remind her that she was married and you can't break God's marriage covenant. Then she got angry with me cause I was right and I told her that not every couple is in the honey moon stage forever, if you have a problem you should have just brought it up with her husband. I even told her that my boyfriend and I aren't always happy all the time, there are problems. Also my boyfriend was in his prom/debut attire which was kind of weird and he was wearing his sun glasses. Oh and my family friend stormed out by planting flowers and watering them. WEIRD DREAM.
7. Arachnophobia, enough said.

8. At this moment, Red! I really don't have a solid favourite though.

9. Dark brown, but light brown in the sunlight :)

10. Francisco Lachowski! 

11. I don't know, I like all flowers but I really like Orange DayLilys 

12. Dogs > Cats

13. It's a tie between Halloween and Christmas.

14. Strawberry Yogurt

15. The number 21 used to be my lucky, I guess it still is?

16. Aisha Anne A

17. I kinda want a nose piercing and definitely a tragus!

18. Picks me up from my house and doesn't tell me what we're doing, dinner, walks at the park and go home  cuddling!

19. 1) Biters
      2) Liars
      3) Slow people
      4) Smelly things
      5) Immature people

20. 1) God
      2) Family
      3) Boyfriend
      4) Friends
      5) Make Up, Clothes, Food.

21) I was named after the yellow power ranger. My brothers named me.

22) My Michael Kors watch that my Daddy bought me =)

23) My legs 

24) I don't want a tattoo, if I were to choose one it'd be my last name on my wrist.

25) I don't really have a favouite blog

26) I have an amazing and caring family. I have a caring and loving boyfriend who supports me with all that I do. I have great friends who I can joke with and be myself. Most of all, I love how I am catholic.

27) How much I gained weight!!!!!!

28) I have no idea, I read quite a handful of books. I enjoyed Outsiders and the Catcher in the Rye, also And Then There Were None. These are some of the books I had to read in high school though that I thought was pretty damn good. I enjoyed The Giver. 

29) Salted Popcorn please!

30) It's not that I miss them its I miss the memories I shared with them. But of course I miss my Lola and Lolo. 

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