Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Post a set of photos for whichever you’re asked:

ʘ   Four TV shows you enjoy

There's obviously more but I really favour these shows.
Although "The Office" is over.

ʑ    Seven men with faces that you like the look of
 Adam Levine
 YOUNG Leonardo DiCaprio
He's still good looking but kinda old
Pierre Bouvier

Ryan Gosling
Orlando Bloom
Trey Songz
Elijah Wood

ɣ     Seven women with faces you like the look of
 Audrey Hepburn
Lauryn Hill
Amy Winehouse
Kelly Rowland
Whitney Houston
Drew Barrymore
ʡ     Style inspiration
I love them, I have to say I enjoy when Sarah and Jen are doing it.
They are my reasons why I dress the way I do
Φ   Three of the most recent films you have watched

Ω   Three pictures of your favourite kind of weather

Δ    Four selfies

ς     Four places you would like to visit
 New York
And of course, Philippines
    Two things you're excited for
Of course, who isn't?
It is my favourite holiday

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