Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There's this hashtag that is trending on twitter but I don't wanna post my pictures on twitter because I feel like I spam too much or tweet. So I'll just do it here.

A lot of people might think I'm crazy but then again a lot of people might agree with me.
My mother happens to be one of my best friends believe it or not.
She always stood up for me, listened to me, played with me, comforted me, took care of me.
Most of all she sacrificed a lot for my brothers and I.
For that I love her to death and no lie, I would give up my life for this woman.

For someone who drops whatever they're doing just to make sure I'm okay.
Even when I'm on my monthly menstruation. 
He does whatever to make me happy. 
Even when we are fighting or disagreeing he knows when to make me smile and turn it around.
He knows pretty much everything, I hide nothing.
I love you boo.

Since pre-k.
I know we had our differences but who the hell cares?
Why can't two different people be best friends right?
Shout out to the days where we used to fight and blog about each other.
But shout out to those days where we cried ourselves to laughter and sleep.
Chica I got your back.

My caring hot tempered black mama!
She's so sweet but she has a spicy side to her. Make her angry and you'll regret it.
She has nuggets of wisdom and she knows when to pull you up.
She'll laugh with you and tell you the harsh truth with "erms"
She'll always put you first and make sure you're okay.

Outrageous Japanese-Filipina
She basically loves to make people laugh
She's her own person.
She's unique and the best to get advice from.
She's real and she isn't afraid to be herself.
She'll pretty much tell you the truth.

Sista, Sista.
My twin and multiple race sister
This girl knows how to have a good time.
She tells GREAT stories.
She's only a phone call away and a few stations and buses, but.
Always to hear me cry my soul out.

Where do I start with this guy?
He's a giant but don't get the wrong impression.
Giants always have kind and lovable heart.
He's sweet, friendly but can be a pain in the ass.
But most of all he tolerates me being a pain the ass.

Roar, Meow, fgt.
At first we were hella awkward.
But then time flew by and those memories in the art room, in Joe's car, in the gym.
Kiking and texting. Making fun of each other.
Takes care of me when I'm drunk and pretty much puts up with my bs.

 Spare buddy.
Fashion and gossip.
School help and gossip.
Gossip, gossip, laughing and gossip.
Just kidding though, shopping.

He's a real gentlemen. He's kind nice and sweet.
With a hot temper though.
But easy to approach and forgive.
Funny and fun to tease.
He's my bess and although he isn't here anymore
I'm glad he came back for my debut.

These people have been there for me through thick and thin and I gotta say I love you all.
(Just found out it isn't nationalbestfriend day. OPPS)

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