Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Big Bird

1. Do you listen to anything when you get ready in the morning? If so, what?
My iTunes song list. Usually I'll listen to an upbeat song like "Dancing in the Moonlight" - Toploader or "Clarity" - Zedd ft. Foxes. Also "1,2 Step" - Ciara ft. Missy Eliot

2. Has a significant other ever sung a song for you? What was the occasion? 

Yeah, no occasion just for fun

3. What do you order at Starbucks?

Tall Green Tea Latte and Oatfudge Bar. If it's Halloween season sometimes Pumpkin Spice. If it's Christmas the Snowman Cookies!

4. What is your guilty pleasure?


5. Do you ever listen to music in a different language? 

I had this long phase of listening to Asian songs in different language such as Mandarin, Japanese and Korean

6. How often do you cuss?

Most of the time but I'm toning it down

7. Pens or pencils? 


8. What beverage do you drink the most? 


9. Do you have a least favorite color? What is it?

Brown. I don't know why it just doesn't mesh well in clothing but in bags and make up yeah.

10. Do you like looking at people’s eyes?


11. Share a story about when you felt the most loved.

Honestly my debut night. Everyone's eyes were on me. They came because they loved me and wanted to celebrate my night with me and they are amazing

12. Is there something you know right now that you shouldn’t? 

I don't know

13. Did you make any New Years resolutions this year? Did they last?

"Be nicer to people." Sorta, I'm getting better

14. What are the first 3 words that come to mind when I say “cozy”?

Love, peace, serenity 

15. When was the last time you bought jeans?

In the summer when I went to Portland with my family

16. What’s something you particularly notice about people that maybe others don’t?

Their tone in voice

17. Describe the last person you texted in two words.

Awesomely awesome 

18. Do you like lacing your fingers with the other person’s when holding hands?


19. What is something that you have the tendency to lose?

Motivation :S

20. Do you like to take naps?

Naps are a hit and miss. So if I hit it yes. If I miss then nope

21. Coffee, tea, both, or neither?

Tea please

22. What’s a language - that you’ve had no learning experience with - that you’d like to learn?

I think Polish

23. Do you have a doppelgänger?

Apparently I do. She's a year older than me and before I could make friends with her she left.

24. When was the last time you took a selfie?

Yesterday night 

25. What’s your favorite element on the periodic table? 

Fe - Iron

26. What’s your birthstone? Do you like it? Have you ever gotten a birthday gift in correlation to it (e.g. jewelry)? 

I believe its Opal but certain places have different stones. Yeah I got earrings and ring but I lost the ring and the other pair for the earring. I was really sad actually, I remember I cried for days.

27. What’s something you should do on a daily basis, but it just slips your mind? 


28. Think back 2 years ago. Was your hair longer or shorter?


29. How often do you charge your phone?

When it needs charging

30. What gives you that fluttery feeling in your chest? 

Meeting new people

31. Who, if anyone, gives you that fluttery feeling in your chest?

Meeting anyone new 

32. Have you ever worn eyeliner?

Of course

33. Are you double-jointed?

I wish

34. What’s something that you don’t like that everyone else seems to like? 

My friends like scary things. It's not like I'm scared. I just don't like it.

35. How about the other way around; is there something that you like that everyone else seems to dislike?

I loved jrock and everyone hated it

36. How long does it take you to fall asleep? 

Currently? quite a long time

37. Describe your perfect rainy afternoon with someone else.

I'm with my boyfriend and we're chilling on the couch. I'm wearing comfy clothes and no make up on my face and we're just cuddling and talking about life. Oh and we're sipping on some juice. Maybe orange juice.

38. What instruments do you play, if any? Is there an instrument you’ve been wanting to learn how to play?

I used to play the piano, guitar and flute. I've been wanting to play the drums and electric bass. Oh and the violin

39. Outside of your family, immediate and otherwise, who has been in your life the longest? Describe them.

My "cousins." We aren't really cousins but I call them my cousins because ever since I was born they were at my side. Kyle, Kayla and Lyka.

40. When did you have your first kiss? Was it what you expected it to be?

First kiss was with my boyfriend. Not really I thought it would be much more I don't know magical? I was talking and it got quiet then he kissed me. I was definitely shocked and surprise and funny thing is I told him to give it back hahaha.

41. When did you have your last kiss? Was it what you expected it to be?

My last kiss was with my boyfriend and we were hanging out during his break on Tuesday for school. It was just a nice peck on the lips. 

42. What’s a completely, utterly random fact you know, that serves no real purpose except for amusement?

Turtles can breathe through their tails
43. When was the last time someone proved you wrong?

My boyfriend

44. Have you ever broken anything in frustration?

45. Do you prefer to show up early or late? 


46. Tell me: do you prefer to give or receive? 

Of course I'd like to receive but I also like to give. I like spoiling people 

47. What’s your best friend’s favorite movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Vanessa
Harry Potter - Stephanie
500 Days of Summer - Patrick
Gladiator - Leo
13 Going on 30 - Michelle A
Star Wars - Boyfriend
I wanna guess Spiderman for Michelle d

48. What’s your favorite book that you were required to read in school?

The Outsiders in grade 8

49. Do you like hiking?

Yeah. It's refreshing

50. What’re your favorite pair of shoes?

My white ankle converse

51. Are you procrastinating right now? 
Sort of yeah. Although none of my assignments are due tomorrow I should be working on them since they are due in two weeks.

52. What time is it right now? What time zone?


53. If you could have anyone’s knowledge, dead or alive, whose would it be?

Sheldon Cooper but he's imaginary

54. Have you ever fallen asleep in class or while doing your homework?

In high school no. But ever since my Philo class

55. Can you sleep with a light on or do you need complete darkness? 

It's hard for me to sleep with a light on. I need complete darkness unless I'm really tired and I pass out on my bed.

56. Do you fit a high school stereotype? 


57. Who - or what - makes you feel special?

My friends, family, boyfriend, God.

58. In addition to eating it in the morning, you like eating cereal at night, right? 


59. What was the last movie you watched? Who’d you watch it with?

Red 2 and by myself :')

60. Does your family have any weird traditions? 

They're Filipino so yeah

61. Do you keep your workspace cluttered or organized? 


62. Is there an activity or sport you wish you’d done in the past? 

Volleyball and Track

63. When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween? What were you dressed up as? 

This year. I was dressed up as Ashley Spinelli from Recess

64. What ticks you off, even though you know it shouldn’t? 

When people copy 

65. Are you craving anything right now? 


66. What topic could you just keep talking about forever?

I have no idea

67. What song did you really like, but can’t bear to listen to it now because of the memories associated with it? 

It's not because of memories just overplayed 

68. If you could change your ethnicity, would you? What would you change it to?

Eh I'm happy. I guess I want to be half something but I'll stick with Filipino, Chinese and Spanish :)

69. Did/do you bite your nails and/or your straws? 

I bite on straws

70. What was your favorite club and/or sport in high school? 

International Club. Partnering with international buddies

71. Given that you were well qualified, what would be your dream career? 

Anesthetic Doctor 

72. Is your wallet bigger or smaller than your phone? 


73. If someone wanted to get to know you better, would you want them to hide it, be subtle about it, or tell you outright? 

Subtle about it

74. You’re having a bad day, so you decide to do what?

Listen to music, blog, talk with my boyfriend or pray

75. When was the last time you talked to someone out of the country? 

Couple of days ago when Dennis was ranting heh

76. Who is the most diligent person you know? In what way are they hard-working? 

Giulia. No matter what she get's the stuff done

77. Which Super Smash Brothers game is the best? 

Super Smash Brawl - Wii version 

78. Do you prefer papers to be 3-hole punched? 


79. What’s “weird” food combo that you like? 

Pizza and sushi

80. Chocolate, vanilla, both, or neither?

I do enjoy swirl

81. How did/do you get yourself focused on homework? 

I tell myself its due tomorrow or if I don't do this I'll jeopardize my mark

82. What are the worst kinds of hugs? 

One arm hug

83. What are the best kinds of hugs? 

Both arms and a sweet scent

84 What’s something you want right now? 

I don't know maybe the weekend

85. Is there anything you’re paranoid about? 


86. Do you push people away often? Why? 

Not really

87. Cinnamon flavored candy: yay or nay?


88. Without an alarm, about what time do you wake up? 


89. What’s worse, regretting something you did do, or regretting something you didn’t do?

Regret something you didn't do. It always kicks your butt the hardest
90. Take the book nearest you and open to a random page. What does the first sentence you read say? 

Sorry not really down to this LOL

91. Do you like board games? Which is your favorite? 

Of course I enjoy them! Taboo! 

92. How often do you check your email? 

Quite often since I get notifications from my phone

93. For you, what’s the most important quality in a friend?

Being a good listener and a great shoulder to cry on

94. Are you easily impressed? 


95. For presents, do you prefer to use gift bags or wrapping paper?

Gift bags

96. What’s something fun you did recently? 


97. Is there a book or movie that you have a hard time reading/watching?

Pride and Prejudice. I know its a great book but I can never finish it

98. What’s your favorite Latin phrase?

I don't have one

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