Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I pretty much did nothing today. All I did was wake up, eat, watch tv shows, eat and watch tv shows. My life is so great right now and I'm enjoying all this free time while I can because this Friday is when I fully start work and grind time. I'm dreading it but I'm also excited to work with new faces. It'll be really refreshing since everyone at work so far has been really kind to me and so down to earth. It's not like my previous experience in retail where everyone is just there for themselves and they're out to get each other. Maybe it's because my work is so big that we're all here just to work as a team and have a good time.

I was planning to go out today just by myself to the mall and shop. I really need to satisfy these urges to splurg all my cash but I'm fighting it currently. One step at a time or one shopping at a time. I have to say though I'm proud of myself for saving up my birthday money and allowances so far. I've saved up good pocket money especially when I bought myself the hunter boots. I haven't even worn the hunter boots yet. I'm kind of scared that it'll get ruin but I don't know. I'm having this weird urge to buy lipstick. Perhaps like a maroon colour or the oxblood nail polish type of colour. I don't know what's wrong with me.

It's almost time to register for Winter semester and I told myself no late classes! However one of the course I really want to take is super late and by the time I'd go home it would be almost midnight. Like please, why?! It actually makes me so sad because I had my whole schedule figured out and this pops out of nowhere. Especially my next biology course. They're only offering 6 classes for the next biology course and I really need to get into that biology. If I don't then I'll be a damn semester behind. Oh well.

That wraps up my little spiel of rants and yadda yadda.

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