Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cater 2 U

I know I missed blogging but school and work has been hectic right now. I totally forgot I had a midterm yesterday so I totally bombed that exam. Why does it take me so long for me to realize college isn't high school? I'm not trying as hard as I want to and as result my marks are taking a toll on that. I know for sure next semester I'll definitely try harder, I think.

Yesterday was my first actual real shift and I gotta say it wasn't as bad I thought it would be. It was definitely nerve-wrecking but I got used to it and since I'm working again today I guess I'll be used to it more. During my shift my friends visited me and invited me to a movie: Thor - The Dark World. Holy crap it was such a good movie but I didn't even watch the first one. I'm watching it right now actually. It's pretty awesome so far but I didn't know Thor was such an ass. I prefer Loki more though. Before my shift I went on a shopping spree and bought quite a few things. I'll post what I purchase later on tonight!

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