Monday, November 4, 2013


There must be something going around, I feel like total crap at the moment. My head is spinning and my throat is sore. I have this major but minor head ache and water doesn't seem to fix it. I gulped a cold-fx pill and hopefully that will stop whatever is going on inside of me. I'm really not down to go study for my Biology quiz. It's all about muscles. Although I'm finished making my Quizlet set, I just cant find myself to study or actually learn. Maybe its because of this cold blockade. This headache is making it harder for me to concentrate or to stick to one thing. Man I feel like total crap. So bad that I even grabbed another blanket. Like that'll help. I feel like I should take vitamins or something. Maybe another cold-fx pill. I don't even know. Ugh. Other than feeling like complete utter crap, everything seems to be going well.

New job = new coworkers
I gotta say, they are friggen amazing. They are so nice and sweet. I wouldn't have thought that because whenever I used to shop there all the workers seemed so pissed off. Maybe its because they've been through so much but they are honestly the sweetest workers I've worked with ever since Wendy's. I plan on staying at work till I get into my program next year or down the road.

I guess I should get back to studying for bio or maybe I'll go take a shower.
PROCRASTINATION, whatcha gonna do?

This took so much energy... I am so tired and feel ick

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