Saturday, November 23, 2013

Growing Up

Wow did I have a busy day today. Since I haven't done a wall of text ranting about my life and day I shall start now rather than a video or a stream of pictures. Anyways lets get to it.

This morning was the worst.  Just kidding. It's just always terrible for me to wake up this early especially on a Friday, but at least its a morning class. Today's Psychology class was actually pretty damn interesting. We learned about Psychological Disorders: Schizophrenia and Personality Disorders. I didn't fall asleep nor was I texting the whole time during my class which was good. I managed to finish my paper which I'm so happy. This morning however, I forgot to add my abstract and I quickly rushed into an abstract. It was probably filled with poor grammar and awkward sentences but oh well, at least I managed to make an abstract within 6 minutes before my class started. My paper was about "Why Mothers Kill." I found the research to be quite interesting and if anyone is curious I suggest you look up a reading journal or articles!

After Psychology class I went to meet Kathleen and Nathan up so we can have our "monthly" lunch date! Last time we went to have Sushi and it was my turn to pick a place so I picked this awesome place that my friend recommended. I liked their food it was good and their service was awesome. However kind of pricey though.

 Fish n Frites - Cod 
Nathan, Kathleen & I!

After our lunch date I decided to go Thrift Shopping because I haven't done that in a while and I was curious on what they had. I got a couple of things however I didn't take a picture with most of the things I bought. They were having this 50% off sale which was totally amazing, I knew I had to buy things.
I bought...
  • Violet Turtle Neck -$4
  • Striped Tee - $1
  • Cropped Muscle Black Tee - $3
  • Floral Mid Waist Button Up - $2 
  • Waisted Tee Turtle Neck - $3
 Waisted Tee Turtle Neck
 Violet Turtle Neck Sweater
I got everything between the gray turtle neck and the plaid hoodie

After that Thrift Shopping Spree I spent $16 overall and I'm quite happy with my purchase. I went to the mall to get my new glasses and to pick up some contacts. Also to do a little shopping of my own. I got my glasses. Yes I did take a picture with them but I'll leave it as a mystery for now! I got my contacts which was $150 down the drain. I met up with my friends and we got some qoola and ate at a Chinese restaurant!
 Shopping Buddy
 Shanghai Fried Noodles
 Japanese Style Ramen
 Our lovely drinks
Cold Ovaltine, Almond Milk & Honey with Lemon Tea
 Pork Battered on Fried Rice with Tomato Sauce
Baked Seafood on Fried Rice with Cream Sauce

Finally after filling our bellies up we decided to go to XXI. Our friend works there and I picked up some awesome deals. One was striped shorts. I got it for $6 and the original price was $30. I also got a cardigan shall which was $23 but reduced to $10! I am actually so happy I found those two. Then I went to H&M. I bought this maroon skirt and a burgundy skirt. I also picked up the disco knock off pants! It came to $60 altogether which I think is pretty awesome. 

I'll probably do a haul later on or something. I even bought stuff from yesterday as well. I plan to buy more tomorrow, I don't know. I have a problem HAHA!

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