Saturday, November 16, 2013


I have no idea why I'm happy right now. Everything just seems to be falling in it's place. I'm so thankful. I'm so blessed but I'm also stressed. I'm too happy to care about problems and everything negative is on the bottom of my list. Everything that shouldn't need caring is in the back of my mind. I know I already did a video on this but I can't stress the fact that I'm too happy right now. It's not like I'm bragging or boasting, I'm trying to send out a message because I believe my video was just not "serious". I feel better when I'm typing this out because I know I can say things properly and I won't have to stutter.

When you focus on all your blessings and look at all the positive things in life you tend to see all the happy things and life sort of gets better for you. It's only sort of because it's how you react to it. Most people just accept the "sort of" and this is why they slowly fall back into feeling "crappy". For me I just kept reminding myself how much I'm having it good. If you keep counting how happy you are then yes, everything will slowly start to fall where you want it to be. It may not be efficient because happiness takes days, months or years to accomplish.

For me, I just dismiss all the negative. The problem with us is we believe ignoring our problems will sort it out, no. It doesn't. It just makes it worst. Dismissing isn't the same as ignoring. When you dismiss something you are checking it out seeing if its good, allowing it to affect you, learning from it and letting it go. We all need to be a sponge. Absorb all the negative and problems that's being thrown at us and just let it go slowly. Because if we don't have those negative things in life, how will we be better people? How will we know to overcome similar problems?

I used to be so fixated on drama. I used to thrive on it. I know it sounds sad. But that was also the reason why I felt so empty, jealous, angry and always sad. I learned to let go and slowly all those emotions went away. Yeah I still feel jealousy and hatred but it's so minuscule. I barely feel it.

So to the people who still have drama with me, who hate me, who despise me, who can't stand me, who don't even like me just because
chucking up my deuces
Everyone should do that. No one is worth your time unless they love you. No one is worth your attention when all they want to do is bring you down. No one is worth your rants unless you truly care about their opinion.

I wanna thank God, for allowing me to be strong.  

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