Wednesday, November 6, 2013


There are no such thing as ugly people nor ugly anything. 
What makes us ugly is our perception through our eyes. Our perception is our thoughts. Our thoughts come from our brain. Our brain takes in what we see. We see through our eyes. 
What's the whole point of that?
The whole point is that we're so fixed on thinking pretty is what is plastered in front of magazines, tabloid, music videos. Pretty revolves around celebrities.
However the beauty that we see and we work around the word perfect is far from it.
I'm sure everyone realizes that every picture that is in magazines are photoshopped to the max and their faces and bodies are altered in a horrific way.
I guess that's why we're so fixed on calling people ugly because they don't fit the criteria of "pretty" or "perfect"

Because they aren't

  • Skinny
  • Straight Teeth
  • Flawless Face
  • Awkward gestures
Be yourself
This one bothers me a lot. Why does anyone want to get away from who they are? Why can't they realize that being them is "perfect." Not giving a damn on what anyone thinks, not giving a damn on what their interests are.

Why do people pretend to be someone who they aren't? Eventually somehow you start to realize the pain somewhere deep inside of you. That's the cry of the person who you really are. You locked them down for so long and they've been crying out to you. You were perfect at hiding them until one day something struck a nerve. Don't be someone who you aren't. Be good to yourself. In the end it'll be worth it because what is a good ending with out hardships and failure?

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