Friday, November 29, 2013


I haven't blogged for quite a few days lately and its all because of school and work. I've been drained physically and kind of mentally, but in a good way. This is allowing me to use up all my free time and just catch up on things that actually matter in life.

School has taken its toll on my body, mind, soul and definitely on my wallet. Actually my parent's wallet. Anyways its really a good thing. I used to dread going to school throughout my entire 13 years of school from preschool to elementary to high school. Now that I'm in college I sort of appreciate going to school. Sort of. It's just my schedule is kind of hard to adjust to but I'm getting there. Meeting new people and taking actual classes that I enjoy and want to excel in is awesome too. I'm just glad tomorrow is the end of my semester one. Although I did pretty crappy this semester, I have a feeling that I'm going to do really well in Winter Semester.

Work has been great. I cannot stress the fact that all my coworkers are chill and friendly. Even the hardworking strict coworkers are friendly. They aren't there to compete with you or fight you for a customer, no. They are actually there to help you do your job and to have good vibes. I really enjoy working at my job but no, I would not go further into it, of course not. I wouldn't want to be around clothes for the rest of my life. I rather be around patients and be in a hospital serving people. Yeah, I'm still hooked on becoming a nurse. But yeah work is great. Tomorrow is Black Friday, I cannot. I cannot fricken wait. Sarcasm.

Since I was on the topic of hospitals and becoming a nurse, I myself finally got a position to volunteer at the hospital I wanted. I am excited to volunteer in an environment that I will be in within 6 years hopefully. If God wills it. However this has to be a sign from the big Guy up there. I've been waiting for an opportunity like this and wala, here is one! Cheers to you Lord! I finally got the program that I wanted to volunteer in too! I'm going to be taking care of some patients who just came out of surgery and cleaning the rooms. Everything a nurse sorta does besides all the medical stuff. I'm quite stoked actually.

Anyways yeah that's my life so far. I also have been enticed by shopping. I have literally bought at least something other than food whenever I go to the mall or some clothing store street strip. This week I bought new tights, new shoes and new pants. Speaking of new shoes I am getting the Leita's by JC! I cannot wait! I have been dreaming of owning a pair of JC's other than Hunter Boots. I cannot. I cannot!

But yeah, cheers to a busy life with good vibes accompanied by awesome people under the protection of God! Amen, Amen!

Oh yeah, I got new glasses!
Good bye to my Gucci
Hello to my new Chanel<3!

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