Saturday, January 25, 2014


I thought I'd do a Nail Polish collection post. Lately I've been obsessed with nail polish. Every time I see a colour that catches my eyes I have to get it. Sometimes I won't even use that nail polish.
Forgive the quality of these pictures. I can't find my charger for my camera so I'm relying on my iPhone!
So here is my nail polish collection!

This is where I store all my nail polishes currently. As you can tell I need a new storage place for them! The brand of nail polishes varies. I usually buy: Revlon, China Glaze and OPI!
I tried to fit all my Revlon in one picture
Here are some of the darker shades of Revlon that I have.
from left to right:
Revlon Top Speed - 820 Stormy $7
Revlon - 240 Impulsive $5
Revlon - 570 Vixen $5
Revlon - 471 Fashionista $5
Revlon - 460 Mysterious $5
Revlon - 731 Knock Out $5
Here are some of my shades of pink to orange of Revlon!
from left to right:
Revlon - 004 Sheer Nude $5
Revlon - 911 Pink Chiffon $5
Revlon - 120 Hushed Blushed $5
Revlon - 130 Iced Spice (Yes this is the nail polish that inspired me to have this blog name) $5
Revlon - 610 Charismatic (gift)
Revlon - 410 Tangerine $5
I want to say these are my pastel colours but that damn teal on the very left!
from left to right:
Revlon - 590 Trendy $5
Revlon - 510 Sassy $5
Revlon Top Speed - 320 Jaded $7
Revlon - Stormy $3
Revlon Top Speed - 610 Lily $7
Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat - 950 $9
Revlon Top Speed - 902 Celestial FX $9
Here are is a mixture of OPI and China Glaze!
from left to right:
Nicole by OPI - Redy To Runaway Love? $8
Nicole by OPI - Imagine If...(gift)
china glaze - I'm not lion.. $4
china glaze - Broken Hearted (gift)
china glaze - White on White $4
china glaze - Secret Peri Wink-Le $4
Nicole by OPI - My Life Saver
These nail polish was given to me as gifts!
from left to right:
Sally Hansen - Base Coat
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear' - Emerald City
Joe - Wine
Joe - Navy
Joe - Canary
H&M - Red
H&M - Violet
H&M - Black
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Top Coat

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