Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's finally Thursday and that means I don't have school until Tuesday! I'm so glad that I got Mondays and Fridays off, however because of my busy schedule of working, volunteering and the assignments I get from my classes it feels like my whole week is busy rather than being free. Although I would like to have some free time it makes me happy that I'm busy everyday doing something rather than nothing. It keeps me productive and it also gets me ready for what's to come in Nursing!

I'm going to start on Tuesday
As I said before on that 50 day challenge I'm really bad at writing. Particularly English which is true because I got my summary midterm back and let me just say I didn't do that hot. Although I did pass I just didn't get the grade I wanted and this was because I left out a big chunk of information from the article and didn't mention it in my summary. I knew I wasn't going to do well because of that and I accepted it, however I did lose marks on my grammar(e.g run-on sentences. I'm famous for that). I took her feedback really well and guess what lesson learned.

My next class was Bio and I had a quiz. A quiz on digestion. Let me just say that quiz was super easy not because I studied(I didn't even study) but because my old grade 12 bio teacher taught us the digestion unit so well that I remembered everything my instructor taught us. Although this bio is more in depth I still managed to answer each question without hesitation. 

I don't really know how I feel about Wednesday anymore. Wednesday are horrible because I have Psychology and its Statistics. The worst class ever! I don't know why Nurses need it but they do so I'm taking it. It's not that it's hard to grasp its just hard to pay attention in that class because for starters its taught in a lecture hall and I'm not a fan of that. My legs cramp, too many people and the board is too far away. However I do manage to pull my weight in that class and get high B's on the quizzes. Although this quiz I didn't do well on solely because I barely studied for this. Again, lesson learned. (But I did do very well on the homework). Did I forget to mention next class is my midterm? Fun. 

As mentioned in the Tuesday summary I talked about writing a quiz and how easy it was. It was super easy because somehow I managed to get 23.5/25 which made me feel really happy. I guess getting a 95% in Digestion when I was in Bio 12 did it's work.

Finally my last class, Creative Writing. I have mixed emotions about this class. I have to say what I really like about this class is that its speculative. Speculative is where my stories usually land on except last semester because it was real life-fiction. Another reason why I like it is because of the workshops. I love getting feedback on my stories and I love constructed criticism on any of my work. ESPECIALLY MY STORIES. The things I don't like is that its a late class and I barely talk for the workshops which ultimately hurts my participation mark. However I managed to get by in Creative Writing last semester let's just hope I get by in this one. (Yes, I shall post the story I submitted to my class on this blog. Eventually)

I honestly don't know how I get by those classes every week but somehow I do. Anyways enough about my classes I just wanna briefly touch upon that Ben Nye - Banana Powder! I said I was going to do a review right after I used it and today I used it. However, I don't wanna review on it just yet because I actually want to provide pictures like what Kim Kardashian did! So please stay tuned! (I will be using it tomorrow and including my foundation!) Hazaah!

I know I have been playing with my pictures but let's see if anyone can see what I'm talking about.
Top left picture is my OOTD
Vintage Floral
Black Floral Mid Sleeve Button Up - Salvation Army $4
High-Waisted Jeggings - Mom's
Gray Shin Socks - Dad's
Vintage Oxford Shoes - XXI $8

The Game Over picture is this really popular game called Flappy Bird.
If you have an iPhone or an Android I suggest you download it. Beware its addicting and challenging!

Bottom right seems to be my face after I've applied all my make up. I also put my hair in a high pony-tail to add a messy but sophisticated look to my outfit!

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