Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To Do


I'm finally going to complete my story where this guy helps people retrieve their memory through his power by fixing their "filmstrip." I'm going to submit this story for my character development story due tomorrow. How do I feel about it? I'm panicking because I don't know how to incorporate character development in this story. I don't even know how to end this story but I'm pretty damn excited. I'm excited that I'm going to finish this story because I've been procrastinating and working super slow on this story. Hooray for deadlines. I guess.

I'm slowly starting to get back into my school phase. Basically what this means is that I'm taking it seriously and I've been writing in my agenda everyday to remind me that I have to do stuff. I've been redoing my notes so I can understand the material and lessons that I learned in my classes. Most of all I've been studying too.

I know I have this problem when I'm with people. I usually like to keep to myself because I have this mentality: "being alone is good because you get a lot of things done." I know the workload isn't smaller but hey you only have yourself when you're really alone. It's kind of like a training and learning process. Anyways what I'm trying to get at is I'm slowly crawling out of that mentality. I don't want to but I realized I do need a course buddy in all of my courses. Just so I can compare my answers and to make new friends. New friends are nice. So far I've completed making new friends so I'm happy. Cheers.

Wow that last paragraph made me sound like a total loser and a dork. Hell, I'll admit it I am dork. Loser? I don't know maybe. I guess. Call me what you want I really don't care.

I'm enjoying this because it is occupying my free time, however that's not all. Volunteer.

Volunteer has been great. The nurses I volunteer with are amazing. They're so kind and helpful. They even want me to succeed and enjoy my company. When you surround yourself with positive people you start to feel positive. You just got to let their positiveness take control of your mood and you'll start to see the light in life.

Work has also been great. Somewhat. Work has been work. I say that because most of the coworkers that I love working with haven't been working with me lately. We're all back in school and doing our daily things in life. Other than that work has been work!

Basically everything in life is just going with the flow.
And so am I.

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