Saturday, January 25, 2014


I'm just trying to catch up on blogging and post some pictures Y(^_^)
January 3 , 2014.

 I got my nails done with my friend, Sharon
We then indulged ourselves with chocolate covered strawberries!
We decided to check out the store beside the nail salon.
It was pretty awesome and I guess worth the wait.

Then after I went to my friend's place to celebrate the New Year with some friends.
Great company and fun times.
It's so hard to take a damn picture with them
 Damn Richard... 
 Ugh this was so nasty.
 Passed out for what
 When we all doggy piled on both Michelles
 We tied their hair together cause they were puking together<3
 O OK.
A somewhat close up of my nails!
Black base with gold gradient starting from the tips of my nails.
Yes, its shellac. 

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