Thursday, February 27, 2014


Yay! It's finally Thursday and I'm completely done my midterms!!!!!!! I honestly feel so free right now but a little bit choked because I should have studied earlier! Although I wished that, I managed to answer every question with a breeze! Hopefully I did okay.

I finally got around to do the review on Ben-Nye Banana Powder
After watching many reviews on YouTube and even from my cousin I just had to get it!
I wanted to see what the whole rave and fuss was about this product!
Let's start with its colour! 
It has a yellow tinge to it and hence the name Banana Powder.
Most of the gurus put this product under their eyes because of its yellow tinge.
Since the yellow undertone covers the dark circles.
They also use it as a highlighter as it brightens up the face!
What is it for?
Kim Kardashian uses it for highlighting as well!
The thing that I love about this product is because it acts as a translucent powder.
It blends really well on your skin and you can barely feel it!
I bought it for $21, the prices vary from store to store. 
Moving onto its shape
The shape of the product is very small and cute.
It's like a miniature baby powder bottle.
You can tell you have to pour it out like you would for baby powder!
I say its convenient to store in your make up bag.
You also can count on it not spilling, just make sure you twist it close!
Other Information?
Another addition to this product is that it has a 30 month expiry date.
I think that's pretty awesome for a make up product to have!
It lets you know when to throw it out and get a new one!
I personally like this product and I would buy another bottle when this one runs out
If you don't like the cakey feeling from your highlighter I suggest this one because
1) It's light
2) It blends really well on your skin
3) It sets well.
I use the e.l.f Small Tapered Brush to apply the product
As you can see I am using it under my eyes and I also applied it on the bridge of my nose.
If you notice in the picture you can see it just a bit comparing to the redness/pinkish of my cheeks.
(I'm trying to find my camera's charger so please forgive the quality as they're iPhone quality).

Usually Thursdays are my days where I dress up. Meaning the face, the hair and of course the outfit!
Let's start with my face!
Here is a before and after picture!
(Yes I know my left eyebrow is higher than my right that's because I over-pluck)
(It's slowly getting there though!)

Here's an overview on all the products I used on my face!
Ben Nye - Banana Powder
Mac Sheer Press Powder
Fit Me Blush in Coral
Rimmel London Bronzer in Sun Light
Colossal Cat Eye Mascara
Dior Mascara
Maybelline Precision Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Instant Age Rewinder Concealer in Neutralizer
Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
L'Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner
(Yes I use two mascaras because of their unique wands)
(Don't worry I'll film a video of my dress up face look)

Lets move to hair!
Headband Braid!
 This is pretty much the only things you need to create this look!
Really all you need to do is grab a nice thin or thick section behind your ear.
Braid it and use tiny elastics to secure it.
Then just bring it over your head!
You can place it however!
(I know its hard reading it so I'll definitely do another post with pictures and such)
Oh and hairspray is optional but I used it anyways.
Garnier Bamboo Hairspray to hold it together!
got2b Smoothing Hairspray to tame the fly aways and cowlicks

Let's move onto the OOTD
Travelers Guide
Black Boys Cap - My Mom
Black Retro Sun Glasses - Forever 21 $8
Gray Knit Top - H&M $23
Blue Ash Denim Shorts - Salvation Army $2
Black Tights - H&M $6
Black Strap Flats - Urban Outfitters $32

I know I'm wearing a hat.
The braided headband didn't go well with this outfit!

Really that's it for now.

Upcoming post to expect
  • Review on Make-Up Forever HD Foundation and L'Oreal True Match Foundation
  • Morning Skin Care Video
  • Updated Room Tour
  • My story on the Red Thread. I named it Fate.
  • Appreciation posts 

Taa-taa lovelies


I'm just taking a quick break from studying. My midterm is later on today. Am I well prepared? Somewhat. I just wished I studied earlier because I am harsh cramming and usually when people cram that can go both ways. Take it from me guys, I am the best procrastinator but I promised myself after my midterm I will force myself to do things early. If any of you have something assigned to you or if you want to do something: DO IT RIGHT AWAY! Chances are you'll most likely finish it!

Today I felt like doing my hair up.
Please excuse these pictures as it was taken in the morning and I have morning classes.
Enjoy these selfies! 
I used my doughnut bun that I got from H&M. It costed $3.
When using a doughnut bun you always want to pick the closest colour to your hair.
This is because if you don't properly spread your hair around, it will blend with your hair rather than it showing!
I used bobby pins and hair clips to tame those fly aways and baby hairs.
Oh and a little hairspray! (I sprayed the product on my hand and smoothed it on my head)
It's most likely I'll be doing a tutorial on how to get this look =)
I'll most definitely do a better picture of this hairstyle!

Thank goodness for tea! 
I really don't like drinking coffee but I need the caffeine for support!
On the left is just green tea by TAZO. 
Green tea has to be my favourite tea of all.
It's simple, it has extremely high benefits for your health and the smell is so rich!
On the right is Blueberry Acai by Lipton.
Originally it has a pale green colour to it but I added berries to give it colour.
It definitely enhanced its flavour!

This is just a throwback picture since it is Thursday now.
My nails are so short and it makes me sad, I really want to paint my nails.
Especially when I stocked up on pastel colours! 
I couldn't take a picture of the bottles (I'm extremely lazy LOL)
but I did link them for you guys if you were curious to see the bottle! 

Peace out lovers! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Wow I just noticed so many grammatical errors in my last post. I must have been too tired or not paying attention.
Anyways I got some good news. I completed my Red Thread story and I decided to name it Fate. As cheesy and cliche as that sounds I thought it fits well with the whole story. I don't know how I feel about this story. It is really different from my usual dark stories but hey at least this gives me some experience. I'll just provide a revised summary on my story.

  • Fate is about a married couple, Charles and Lydia who go through one of the most challenging aspect in their marriage. When Lydia discovers a secret that Charles has been hiding it takes a toll on their thread and of course their relationship. The point of view in this story is done by first person. This first person is the red thread that connected Charles and Lydia together. It is up to the red thread to help Charles and Lydia get back together to show that they are destined to be with each other. 
I hope that clears any confusion about my story. I know a couple of my friends said it was hard to grasp the concept but they did like the idea of it. I just hope I executed it really well. Hopefully by Thursday night my story will be up on this blog and hopefully I'll be able to gain some feedback! 

This was my lunch earlier today.
My mom thought it would be cute if her cooking had these penguins in it.
These are actually Penguin cartooned scallops.
It was cute, I didn't want to eat it but it was so good!
I had quinoa with mixed vegetables, stir fry chicken, shrimp and scallops. 

I took a nap earlier today which probably explains why I'm blogging this late.
This was my dinner LOL.
I didn't want to eat anything heavy or filled with too much protein.
So I stuck with a light breakfast for dinner.
Whole grain toast with peanut spread(not butter) topped with banana slices.
For my drink I have my usual green tea(Tazo) milk tea in my mason jar!

Thursday is almost approaching which means I will have all the time to fix my blog, post my ootd and my promised reviews/tutorials! 

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday and hello Wednesday!

Monday, February 24, 2014


I haven't posted any of my OOTD. I've been stuck on LookBook and really the people on there are so kind! Anyways I don't want to forget to post this on my blog!

Oopsie Daisies!
Maroon Cat Shaped Gold Tips Sunglasses - H&M
Oversized Collar Denim Jacket - XXI
Black Cable Knit Cardigan - XXI
Charcoal Sleeveless Crop Top - H&M
Daisy Print Shorts - Parsian Collection
Black Tights - Sears
Brown Vintage Loafers - XXI
Reptile Skin Strap Purse - H&M

It was such a beautiful day when I wore that outfit.
I took advantage of it by wearing my daisy shorts!
However it was still pretty chilly so I threw on my knit cardigan and my denim jacket!
To keep my outfit balance so I'm not too warm I wore tights and my crop top!

Winter Flowers
Black Toque - XXI
Black Britannia Parka - Aritzia
Cream Knit Cardigan - Zara
Charcoal Sleeveless Crop Top - H&M
Pink and Orange Floral Skirt - Zara
Black Tights - Sears
Black Matte Knee High Boots - Hunters 

This was my outfit for today or yesterday since its now 12AMish
Yeah its snowing here which is odd.
I usually don't like the snow but for some reason I like it now. 
Maybe because Canada won gold? I don't know?
Or maybe because the snow isn't staying.
Anyways enough of me babbling.
I wore my hunter boots because the weather called for it!
I wanted to feel relaxed so I wore tights and a skirt!
I chose this skirt because I felt like it contradicted the weather which I like.
The rest were to keep warm and cool at the same time!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Two days ago I went to visit my old high school. I don't know why it seems so weird when I put old in front of high school. I went with Michelle and Leo. It was a fun day to see all my old teachers and my fellow past school mates. Oh gosh such awkwardness.

Food makes me happy. Especially Fries yum.
Michelle is very popular. Lots of guys around her. Yas
Yes I did buy a few things and I know I said I'll be posting my purchases but school got me swamped! Hopefully by the end of this week I will be posting it and I didn't forget about my review on the Banana powder and MakeUp Forever HD foundation =)!


20) Favourite flavour of ice-cream

Don't think I forgot about this challenge because I didn't! It is really going to take me a long time to finish but hey sticking to my resolution. Even if its at literal as this one. I really love ice-cream and I have a bunch of favourite ones. I'm just going to list my top three because I can't really pick. They are not in any order.

Chocolate Ice Cream.
One of the basic flavours of all.
Also the first flavour I ever tried.
I still remember my face after trying it.
When I found out this flavour existed my mouth rejoiced
also my heart.
This flavour is beyond my imagination. I know this sounds weird but hey
I love me some Cookies n Cream!

Ah Chunky Monkey.
One of my new faves.
I love the banana flavour ice-cream and the bits of walnuts makes it better.
The chocolate chunks gives it a great crunch.
I'm actually craving for this right now!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


It's finally Thursday!! That means I can relax since I have a four day weekend! This time that's wrong. My midterms are next week and let me just say I'm not looking forward to it. I have a lot of work that needs to be in next week so I'm probably not going to blog for a couple of days. I really need to start focusing on school AGAIN this week and next week. However this doesn't mean I'm not going to post, I am going to start posting but not as frequent where I post three times a day.

I'm excited to post all of the things I bought the last two weeks and to show my new lay out of my room. Although I am getting furni(furniture. I like saying furni because of Habbo.) I feel like I should still post it anyways because everything is different!

I will definitely be fixing my blog! Thank you all to my readers and viewers for being patient :)!

To make things more exciting I opened up a lookbook account!


I will be posting some throwback outfits!

 Daylight Floral
Clubmaster Sunglasses - Ray-Bans (gift)
Charcoal Cropped Tank Top - H&M $4
Blue Floral Skirt - XXI $12
White Ankled Converse (gift)

This was when I was in Portland.
It was fairly warm and this outfit is perfect in the summer.
It didn't bother me when my hair was down because when there were winds it kept me warm.
It's a very cute and casual look with some style.
The Blues
Black Toque - XXI $7
Gold Chain Necklace - Value Village $7
Dark Green Jacket - Winners $80
Gray Knitted Cardigan - Stitches $15 (sorry you can't really see it)
Black Cropped Turtle Neck - Papaya $3
Blue Floral Skirt - XXI $12
Knee High Socks - Sears (I actually just cut my tights)
Shoe Laced Rubber Boots - Ross $22

The weather in this picture is horrible. It was raining and windy.
However I still slapped on my skirt and knee high socks.
Was it cold? Somewhat. 
I was pretty warm thanks to my jacket and cardigan.
People think because its raining you have to wear pants no shorts or skirts!
I say that's wrong because this is where layering comes in!
You can still wear your favourite article of clothing you just have to layer!
I think my hair was horrible so I hid it under this toque!


Classic Sport
Britannia Parka - Aritzia (gift)
Black Cable Knit Cardigan - XXI $23
Charcoal Crop Muscle Tee - H&M $4
Black Pencil Skirt - Stitches $8
Opaque Tights - Joe Fresh $5 (not really sure what denier it is though)
Black and White Free Runs - Nike (gift)
I had a lot of time in the morning so I had a chance to straighten my hair.
It doesn't look straight at all and that's because I wasn't using my own straightener.
My mother broke my $100+ straightener so I have to get a new one.
So for now I'm using this very cheap straightener.
It does get the job sorta done but yeah.
I decided to let my hair down so it can relax. 
The past couple of weeks I've been tying it up or hiding it under toques/hats,
I just thought to let my hair free and soak up the "fresh" air.
Victorian Cameo Earrings
I'm starting to wear earrings again. 
After I dug up a bunch of earrings from my jewelry box I thought I could bling up my ears.

By the way I really wanna apologize for the late night blogging post. I got off work late. However don't fret, early post will be coming again! :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've spent hours trying to find a suitable blog layout and so far I'm digging this one. I love it's solid gray background and the fact that I can play around with this skin is awesome. I can add some of the things I want and I can even remove the things that bother me. I'm not really good at HTML coding. I used to be a freaking genius when it came to HTML and I learned by myself. I actually learned by playing around with the coding and manipulating. Oh and researching of course.

I'm still trying to find a suitable picture to replace my double rage and tranquility tigers. I hope this picture speaks out to some of you like it spoke out to me. I would want to go on about pictures but as you can tell its nearing 2:00AM. Why am I still awake?!

  • I was trying to find a great blogskin
  • I can't sleep
  • I need to study for my Psychology quiz!
Take a lesson from me everyone. I am the worst procrastinator ever. Please, please, please do not follow in my bad habits. One of them is procrastination. LATER ON I will be suffering my consequences of not studying earlier or getting this done earlier. 

I just wanted to update you guys on how my blog is doing and I shared to a couple of my friends that I wanted to revamp my blog look and posts.

Wow first my room and now my blog. 



Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today I went to school because my reading break was over(booooo!) Sadly all good things must come to an end and therefore I am back at school. It isn't all that bad its just really hard to adjust back to my old sleeping habits. Staying up late and binge watching AHS(American Horror Story) wasn't really a good idea. Not that it scared me, it did give me chills that's for sure but I kept wondering what would happen next. Basically I was eager to finish the show! However I prioritized sleep and did that give me a good 6-8 hours of sleep? No absolutely not! I got 4-5 hours of sleep and maybe that's why I'm so drained right now! Although before I put my head in between my Psychology books I must blog! I have a couple of announcements!
BUT, before those announcements here's an OOTD!
Rustic Colours
Britannia Parka - TNA 
Rusty Orange Wool Cardigan - XXI 
Black Basic Tee - XXI
Acid Washed Gray Jeggings - XXI
Shoe Laced Rubber Boots - Ross
Canvas BackPack - Bentley's

I wanted to stick to two pictures as usual but I couldn't find the right pose.
I liked the first two pictures but the right one barely showed any of my clothes.
Despite the awkwardness and weird pose on my last two pictures I thought I'd just share it anyways.
I decided to wear my hair in a bun today mostly because my hair was a hot mess.
It was wavy and out of control so I tamed it with a bun.
Since it was wavy it gave my bun some volume to it and it allowed it to hold together
with the help of bobby pins of course!
No hairspray was needed!

Okay so moving on to the announcements I have.
  1. I am going to start a project video on this blog. It may end up on my YouTube channel. It may not. Who knows what my mood will be.
  2. I will definitely be focusing more on fashion and make up from now but that doesn't mean I won't talk about my personal life or do "tag" questions.
  3. I am changing the layout of my blog. It'll be easier to navigate but I will still have the "tagboards" but this time the tagboards will have words rather than colours!
  4. I will not add the prices to any of my items anymore because sometimes I feel like the prices can scare away some people and they feel "hopeless" like they can't find any similarities or they give up. If some people would rather have me put it I will appreciate the feedback :)!
  5. I will type away all my notes and ideas on this blog. I think I enjoy an online journal rather than a private one. That saying I will start to copyright and give credits to other people and to start disclaiming things. Which means in the future I will watermark my pictures and videos! 
Anyways that's all I got!

Au Revoir 

Monday, February 17, 2014


Yesterday I had to go to work for a "mandatory" meeting. We call it a kick off meeting where we just discuss what's going on in the store and we made sure the staff knows what procedures and acronyms we need to know. I wasn't even supposed to go to the meeting because I was scheduled as "r/o"(request off) however it was money and we were given food so why not. After the meeting I went out with my coworkers for some bubble tea and pizza!

And here's an OOTD or I should say OOTN

Denim Night
Right Picture
Over-sized Denim Jacket - XXI $40
Beige Knitted Cardigan - Zara $60
White Basic Tee - H&M 
Black High Waisted Denim - Aritzia (Wilfred's) $90
Vintage Loafers - XXI $8
Brown Crossbody Purse - Coach (It was a gift from my mother)

This outfit was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest but the girl had her hair in a bun.
I was going to make my hair into a bun, a cute messy one but I had no time so I decided
a high pony tail would work!
My lovely coworkers and I going for a late night munching on pizza!