Monday, February 24, 2014


I haven't posted any of my OOTD. I've been stuck on LookBook and really the people on there are so kind! Anyways I don't want to forget to post this on my blog!

Oopsie Daisies!
Maroon Cat Shaped Gold Tips Sunglasses - H&M
Oversized Collar Denim Jacket - XXI
Black Cable Knit Cardigan - XXI
Charcoal Sleeveless Crop Top - H&M
Daisy Print Shorts - Parsian Collection
Black Tights - Sears
Brown Vintage Loafers - XXI
Reptile Skin Strap Purse - H&M

It was such a beautiful day when I wore that outfit.
I took advantage of it by wearing my daisy shorts!
However it was still pretty chilly so I threw on my knit cardigan and my denim jacket!
To keep my outfit balance so I'm not too warm I wore tights and my crop top!

Winter Flowers
Black Toque - XXI
Black Britannia Parka - Aritzia
Cream Knit Cardigan - Zara
Charcoal Sleeveless Crop Top - H&M
Pink and Orange Floral Skirt - Zara
Black Tights - Sears
Black Matte Knee High Boots - Hunters 

This was my outfit for today or yesterday since its now 12AMish
Yeah its snowing here which is odd.
I usually don't like the snow but for some reason I like it now. 
Maybe because Canada won gold? I don't know?
Or maybe because the snow isn't staying.
Anyways enough of me babbling.
I wore my hunter boots because the weather called for it!
I wanted to feel relaxed so I wore tights and a skirt!
I chose this skirt because I felt like it contradicted the weather which I like.
The rest were to keep warm and cool at the same time!

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