Thursday, February 20, 2014


Classic Sport
Britannia Parka - Aritzia (gift)
Black Cable Knit Cardigan - XXI $23
Charcoal Crop Muscle Tee - H&M $4
Black Pencil Skirt - Stitches $8
Opaque Tights - Joe Fresh $5 (not really sure what denier it is though)
Black and White Free Runs - Nike (gift)
I had a lot of time in the morning so I had a chance to straighten my hair.
It doesn't look straight at all and that's because I wasn't using my own straightener.
My mother broke my $100+ straightener so I have to get a new one.
So for now I'm using this very cheap straightener.
It does get the job sorta done but yeah.
I decided to let my hair down so it can relax. 
The past couple of weeks I've been tying it up or hiding it under toques/hats,
I just thought to let my hair free and soak up the "fresh" air.
Victorian Cameo Earrings
I'm starting to wear earrings again. 
After I dug up a bunch of earrings from my jewelry box I thought I could bling up my ears.

By the way I really wanna apologize for the late night blogging post. I got off work late. However don't fret, early post will be coming again! :)

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  1. Any chance you'll do a review on that coat? How warm does it keep you in the coldest climates? :D


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