Thursday, February 27, 2014


I'm just taking a quick break from studying. My midterm is later on today. Am I well prepared? Somewhat. I just wished I studied earlier because I am harsh cramming and usually when people cram that can go both ways. Take it from me guys, I am the best procrastinator but I promised myself after my midterm I will force myself to do things early. If any of you have something assigned to you or if you want to do something: DO IT RIGHT AWAY! Chances are you'll most likely finish it!

Today I felt like doing my hair up.
Please excuse these pictures as it was taken in the morning and I have morning classes.
Enjoy these selfies! 
I used my doughnut bun that I got from H&M. It costed $3.
When using a doughnut bun you always want to pick the closest colour to your hair.
This is because if you don't properly spread your hair around, it will blend with your hair rather than it showing!
I used bobby pins and hair clips to tame those fly aways and baby hairs.
Oh and a little hairspray! (I sprayed the product on my hand and smoothed it on my head)
It's most likely I'll be doing a tutorial on how to get this look =)
I'll most definitely do a better picture of this hairstyle!

Thank goodness for tea! 
I really don't like drinking coffee but I need the caffeine for support!
On the left is just green tea by TAZO. 
Green tea has to be my favourite tea of all.
It's simple, it has extremely high benefits for your health and the smell is so rich!
On the right is Blueberry Acai by Lipton.
Originally it has a pale green colour to it but I added berries to give it colour.
It definitely enhanced its flavour!

This is just a throwback picture since it is Thursday now.
My nails are so short and it makes me sad, I really want to paint my nails.
Especially when I stocked up on pastel colours! 
I couldn't take a picture of the bottles (I'm extremely lazy LOL)
but I did link them for you guys if you were curious to see the bottle! 

Peace out lovers! 

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