Thursday, February 20, 2014


I will be posting some throwback outfits!

 Daylight Floral
Clubmaster Sunglasses - Ray-Bans (gift)
Charcoal Cropped Tank Top - H&M $4
Blue Floral Skirt - XXI $12
White Ankled Converse (gift)

This was when I was in Portland.
It was fairly warm and this outfit is perfect in the summer.
It didn't bother me when my hair was down because when there were winds it kept me warm.
It's a very cute and casual look with some style.
The Blues
Black Toque - XXI $7
Gold Chain Necklace - Value Village $7
Dark Green Jacket - Winners $80
Gray Knitted Cardigan - Stitches $15 (sorry you can't really see it)
Black Cropped Turtle Neck - Papaya $3
Blue Floral Skirt - XXI $12
Knee High Socks - Sears (I actually just cut my tights)
Shoe Laced Rubber Boots - Ross $22

The weather in this picture is horrible. It was raining and windy.
However I still slapped on my skirt and knee high socks.
Was it cold? Somewhat. 
I was pretty warm thanks to my jacket and cardigan.
People think because its raining you have to wear pants no shorts or skirts!
I say that's wrong because this is where layering comes in!
You can still wear your favourite article of clothing you just have to layer!
I think my hair was horrible so I hid it under this toque!

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