Thursday, February 6, 2014


Earlier today I asked my friends to give me a suggestion on what I should talk about. One of my friend said I should talk about how I stay warm this winter in 2014. If you live where I live you would know how cold it is right now. I myself personally don't like being cold. I hate the goose-bump feeling and I hate shivering. Although I hate all of those things I don't want to look like a marshmallow. I don't want to have to wear five layers of sweaters. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I still want to look "decent" when I feel like it. I say that because most of the time I spend it at school and I usually just wear sweat pants or yoga pants. Like I said there are days where I feel like dressing "decent" and this is how I style myself and keep warm in this harsh winter!

Left Picture: Tourist Affair
Ray-Ban - Sunglasses Hut $170
Caramel Infinity Scarf - $15
Black Cardigan - Papaya (Mom's)
Gray Sleeveless Button Up - Value Village $5
Black Harem Pants - XXI $13

Right Picture
Britannia Jacket - TNA (Original Price: $400. Gift from cousin)
Vintage Loafers - XXI $8

As you can tell I'm pretty much dressing normally. In the left picture I dressed for the weather. It was sunny and it looked warm. I thought I could wear something very light and nice. For my right picture I decided to throw my Britannia jacket as usual. I can't tell you guys how much I love this jacket. Although its very heavy it's definitely worth wearing. I don't know how many times it saved me from shivering or the goose-bump feeling. Before I got this jacket I would wear my over-sized denim jacket I got from XXI. That worked too but I had to layer. If you guys don't mind layering then it's all good. If you do, I suggest you guys invest in a nice warm jacket. To me this price seems reasonable because it does its job of keeping you warm and also you're getting your money's worth. It's not like you're not going to wear it for next winter! I know I am.
Although this jacket does have a heavy and bulky look to it, it doesn't seem to appear that way. Again, if you guys don't like this type of look because you think it looks so bulky then here are some tips.
1) Wear the jacket you like.
2) Wear a cardigan(those wool ones or knitted)! They'll be your best friends in times of coldness. The thing that I love is that it keeps your body warm and minimizes the cold from hitting the surface of your skin.
3)Layer! Layer as in wear a nice loose shirt and wear something under! You won't seem to be as puffy or bulky because of your jacket and cardigan covering your layers. I suggest 2-3 layers. Layer as in shirts and undershirts! Anything to keep your core warm!
4)Accessories! Toques, Gloves, Scarves, Leg Warmers! Anything to keep you warm and stylish. I honestly use all four whenever I'm wearing tights and a skirt. I found that leg warmers are the best!
5)Knee high or shin high boots! They'll make sure to keep your legs warm. If you're like me who gets really cold in the legs fast then this will help you retain your heat!
6)This is optional but I found that it helped me a lot. Have a thermos or tumbler of tea or coffee! Any hot beverage is awesome because it gets spread throughout your body!

Those three steps are what I followed before I got my Britannia jacket. I still even follow that when I wear my Britannia jacket and I find myself very warm and cozy! I hope this at least helps some people!

Oh and I dress warm so I can still enjoy some frozen yogurt in this cold weather. Even though I got some stares from people because they thought I was insane for eating something cold, they didn't know how warm I was ;).

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