Monday, February 10, 2014


15) A description of the person I dislike the most

For starters I don't really have anyone I dislike the most. I only have personality traits that I dislike the most. I honestly gave up on people who were agitating or annoying me or simply just being rude to me. I believe everyone deserves better people in their lives. If they don't like a person because they offended them, then they should just walk away. Life would be so much better with out all the unecessary tension, drama and hate you're feeling towards them and vice versa. I learned to cut people out of my life as soon as I know they're lying or that they're fake. No one needs anyone in their life that is constantly trying to bring you down or just simply bothering you. Your mind shouldn't be occupied on them 24/7. Because then you're just proving to yourself you're a hater. No one wants to become a hater. As much as you don't like the person you shouldn't define what a hater is. I lost some good friends and some bad friends but that's because I didn't feel like dealing with so much negativity. Everyone deserves better. Believe it or not. I dislike liars and people who are fake. When they lie to my face or if I find out they were lying just drives me insane. I'm a person who values honesty. I love the truth no matter how hurtful it is because lying is even more hurtful. Lying is saying "I can't trust you enough to handle this secret." When people are fake, don't even get me started. I don't understand why some people have to be like this. I come across as being straight forward and true but I still get fake people thrown at me. It does piss me off but I learned to realize that everyone in your life has a reason to be in it. No matter how horrible they are because they're meant to teach you something and leave an impact on your life. Sometimes they get overwhelming and I understand some people might even break down because of them and that's totally normal. The things you dislike in life are supposed to make you stronger. If we didn't have anything we dislike then really our lives would be bland and boring. Life is a long lesson. We're supposed to learn through the things we hate. We learn to tolerate them, we learn to be stronger, we learn how to build thick skin and we learn more about ourselves.
So really what do I dislike about people? Like I said, when they're fake and they lie. Should I avoid them? Yes, but it is definitely hard when that person acts or tries to be your friend. However, I wouldn't be who I am without all the hate and negative vibes from those people. They actually moulded me to be a better person and cautious one too.

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