Sunday, February 23, 2014


20) Favourite flavour of ice-cream

Don't think I forgot about this challenge because I didn't! It is really going to take me a long time to finish but hey sticking to my resolution. Even if its at literal as this one. I really love ice-cream and I have a bunch of favourite ones. I'm just going to list my top three because I can't really pick. They are not in any order.

Chocolate Ice Cream.
One of the basic flavours of all.
Also the first flavour I ever tried.
I still remember my face after trying it.
When I found out this flavour existed my mouth rejoiced
also my heart.
This flavour is beyond my imagination. I know this sounds weird but hey
I love me some Cookies n Cream!

Ah Chunky Monkey.
One of my new faves.
I love the banana flavour ice-cream and the bits of walnuts makes it better.
The chocolate chunks gives it a great crunch.
I'm actually craving for this right now!

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