Monday, February 10, 2014


I apologize again for the late post. I've been so busy the past couple days and things were happening and yadda-yadda. Anyways lets get to it!

14)What my greatest achievements are

Throughout my life I would say I have 3 greatest achievements. The first achievement I believe was getting a job. Even though my first job was the absolute worst, it was the best feeling ever to get that phone call back. Even after quitting my first job I was still surprised that I was able to get three more jobs after that because of the reputation my first job had. The manager wasn't really nice on giving references. EVEN, if you were the best employee. Yeah, getting my first job and then my three other jobs were great to me.
My second achievement was getting on the First Honour Roll. I say this because you needed 86.5-89.9% average. I was really happy because I'm not that bright of a student and all I did was try harder. It just goes to show how much you can achieve when you put a little heart into it.
My third achievement was being elected and chosen to be Public Relations in Student Council. This was probably the greatest feeling when I entered grade 12. You see in my school it's dominated by one race and that one race usually gets what they want. Basically they're popular and if you're going to have to be popular in order to be in student council. I was just really surprised people voted me. Also, student council changed my life and how I interact with people as well. It was a challenging but fun life experience.

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