Monday, February 17, 2014


19) All the pets I've ever had

When I was a little girl my parents would always surprise me with a pair of gold fish. I wasn't really good at naming them because there names would be really dull. I would always name them "Goldy" because of their colour. My parents found it a hassle when they died and stopped buying my brothers and I gold fish. Skip forward a couple of years after that I received a phone call from one of my aunts. She asked if I wanted a dog for free. Of course I said yes and I asked my mother. She was thrilled because she loves dogs. However, she told me to ask my father. Here is the thing, my father doesn't like having dogs in the house because he thinks we wouldn't take care of it AND because he was bitten by a dog before. However after multiple times of begging and pestering my father gave in and my family welcomed a new member, Teddy. I wasn't expecting Teddy to look like what he is. I thought he was much smaller but that doesn't mean he wasn't cute. He adjusted to our house very well and loved everyone. He was already trained when we got him so it wasn't hard for him to let us know when he needed to pee or eat. The thing about Teddy was that he was abused when he was little. His previous owners would lock him up in the garage and never fed him. Thankfully the neighbours of the previous owners called this pet organization that fights against abuse. He was then adopted by a girl name Mary. Mary had to give Teddy up because she was moving  to an apartment that was strict on "no pets." Mary was a friend of my aunt and that's pretty much how Teddy got passed to us. I'm happy that my father said yes.

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