Thursday, February 27, 2014


Yay! It's finally Thursday and I'm completely done my midterms!!!!!!! I honestly feel so free right now but a little bit choked because I should have studied earlier! Although I wished that, I managed to answer every question with a breeze! Hopefully I did okay.

I finally got around to do the review on Ben-Nye Banana Powder
After watching many reviews on YouTube and even from my cousin I just had to get it!
I wanted to see what the whole rave and fuss was about this product!
Let's start with its colour! 
It has a yellow tinge to it and hence the name Banana Powder.
Most of the gurus put this product under their eyes because of its yellow tinge.
Since the yellow undertone covers the dark circles.
They also use it as a highlighter as it brightens up the face!
What is it for?
Kim Kardashian uses it for highlighting as well!
The thing that I love about this product is because it acts as a translucent powder.
It blends really well on your skin and you can barely feel it!
I bought it for $21, the prices vary from store to store. 
Moving onto its shape
The shape of the product is very small and cute.
It's like a miniature baby powder bottle.
You can tell you have to pour it out like you would for baby powder!
I say its convenient to store in your make up bag.
You also can count on it not spilling, just make sure you twist it close!
Other Information?
Another addition to this product is that it has a 30 month expiry date.
I think that's pretty awesome for a make up product to have!
It lets you know when to throw it out and get a new one!
I personally like this product and I would buy another bottle when this one runs out
If you don't like the cakey feeling from your highlighter I suggest this one because
1) It's light
2) It blends really well on your skin
3) It sets well.
I use the e.l.f Small Tapered Brush to apply the product
As you can see I am using it under my eyes and I also applied it on the bridge of my nose.
If you notice in the picture you can see it just a bit comparing to the redness/pinkish of my cheeks.
(I'm trying to find my camera's charger so please forgive the quality as they're iPhone quality).

Usually Thursdays are my days where I dress up. Meaning the face, the hair and of course the outfit!
Let's start with my face!
Here is a before and after picture!
(Yes I know my left eyebrow is higher than my right that's because I over-pluck)
(It's slowly getting there though!)

Here's an overview on all the products I used on my face!
Ben Nye - Banana Powder
Mac Sheer Press Powder
Fit Me Blush in Coral
Rimmel London Bronzer in Sun Light
Colossal Cat Eye Mascara
Dior Mascara
Maybelline Precision Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Instant Age Rewinder Concealer in Neutralizer
Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
L'Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner
(Yes I use two mascaras because of their unique wands)
(Don't worry I'll film a video of my dress up face look)

Lets move to hair!
Headband Braid!
 This is pretty much the only things you need to create this look!
Really all you need to do is grab a nice thin or thick section behind your ear.
Braid it and use tiny elastics to secure it.
Then just bring it over your head!
You can place it however!
(I know its hard reading it so I'll definitely do another post with pictures and such)
Oh and hairspray is optional but I used it anyways.
Garnier Bamboo Hairspray to hold it together!
got2b Smoothing Hairspray to tame the fly aways and cowlicks

Let's move onto the OOTD
Travelers Guide
Black Boys Cap - My Mom
Black Retro Sun Glasses - Forever 21 $8
Gray Knit Top - H&M $23
Blue Ash Denim Shorts - Salvation Army $2
Black Tights - H&M $6
Black Strap Flats - Urban Outfitters $32

I know I'm wearing a hat.
The braided headband didn't go well with this outfit!

Really that's it for now.

Upcoming post to expect
  • Review on Make-Up Forever HD Foundation and L'Oreal True Match Foundation
  • Morning Skin Care Video
  • Updated Room Tour
  • My story on the Red Thread. I named it Fate.
  • Appreciation posts 

Taa-taa lovelies


  1. SO ADORABLE! I loooove you makeup and the braid! I must try it out! Keep up the posts :) xo


    1. Thank you so much Angelina!! <3
      Yes try it! It's super easy!! I'm not even good with hair and I managed to do this :p!

  2. great review..
    cant wait to see more and very nice hair style. its cute!


  3. LOVE your hair in this - the headband braid looks really cute!
    looking forward to more posts from you :)

    from Jess xx - your new follower!

    1. Thank you :')! I'm glad you liked it!
      Thank you so much!
      Hope we can be good blogger friends :)!


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