Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yesterday I was supposed to go out with my three closest friends. I haven't seen them in such a long time and we planned a special adventure. I was ready to go however, my father changed his mind and wouldn't let me go. This bothered me a lot because for starters I was ready to go, I was ready to see my friends and I was ready to explore! But my father was being protective yet again and played the "you're too young" card and "just the four of you? No adults?" card. The thing is where we were going wasn't exactly accessible just by car. He said he would be very worried about me. Of course I knew his reasons I just didn't want to accept it until now. I was pretty bummed about not going cause we planned this four days ago and all the hype and excitement was getting to me. I know my father was only looking out for me and it took me a long time to understand his decision of not letting me go. After thinking what my father had to decide for me was probably hard on him. 
Parents definitely have the hardest jobs out here in this world. They do nothing but sacrifice for their children. They would even sacrifice their children's view on them as being the coolest parents on earth if it meant to keep them safe at all cost. Even if it means that they're not cool in front of their children's friends eyes. I realized how hard I was being on my father for not letting me go out with my friends to the "adventure" plan. I know kids are always getting angry or annoyed because their parents don't let them do what they want but if anyone puts themselves in their shoes they would probably have a hard time too. "Should I be a cool parent and let them do whatever they want or a responsible one for the safety of my kid?" Every parent faces that question everyday and I know some kids won't understand it and even I'm still understanding it. Yes, parents can be cruel sometimes but in reality it's for our own good. I know I was pretty mad at my father for not letting me go but I learned to let it go because its not really worth being mad at. Especially if he was just trying to look out for me. I think it helps when we get to see the point of view of anyone's decisions. My father being a parent was only trying to do his duty. Protect and look out for his children. Even my father can be protective of my two older brothers at time. It's just a parents nature to protect their offspring because you know why? They cherish us and love us. They would do anything for us because that's love. Love is sacrifice. My dad will always sacrifice anything for my brothers and I. Even if it means that he has to sacrifice being "cool." I guess I'm not that mad or choked about this anymore because I reminded myself about what a parent does. I have so much respect for parents because like I said, they have to deal with so much with their kids. Even if they get told "I hate you" or "I never want to speak to you again" they never get discouraged because they know they're doing the right thing. 
The thing is some parents might be overwhelming for us kids and you know what? You can tell them! I remember the first time I ever opened up to my parents on how it wasn't fair because I wanted the equal treatment they gave to my brothers. It took awhile for them to accept it but they did anyways. Talking will always get to people. Yes, parents may overreact but that's their crazy way of saying "thank goodness you're alright!" Or "don't ever do that again because you scared me!" Eventually they'll have to learn to let their children grow up and they will be. However, for now it will be easier if you guys can get an understanding agreement with each other. They listen to what you say and vice versa. Parents and their kids relationship doesn't have to be complex as all the books and television advertises. Sometimes even the smallest talks can impact the parent or kid. I guess what I'm trying to say is:
If my father didn't tell me his reasons why and talked to me then I probably would've been bitter still, however I'm thankful he did because communication is the key!

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