Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today I went to school because my reading break was over(booooo!) Sadly all good things must come to an end and therefore I am back at school. It isn't all that bad its just really hard to adjust back to my old sleeping habits. Staying up late and binge watching AHS(American Horror Story) wasn't really a good idea. Not that it scared me, it did give me chills that's for sure but I kept wondering what would happen next. Basically I was eager to finish the show! However I prioritized sleep and did that give me a good 6-8 hours of sleep? No absolutely not! I got 4-5 hours of sleep and maybe that's why I'm so drained right now! Although before I put my head in between my Psychology books I must blog! I have a couple of announcements!
BUT, before those announcements here's an OOTD!
Rustic Colours
Britannia Parka - TNA 
Rusty Orange Wool Cardigan - XXI 
Black Basic Tee - XXI
Acid Washed Gray Jeggings - XXI
Shoe Laced Rubber Boots - Ross
Canvas BackPack - Bentley's

I wanted to stick to two pictures as usual but I couldn't find the right pose.
I liked the first two pictures but the right one barely showed any of my clothes.
Despite the awkwardness and weird pose on my last two pictures I thought I'd just share it anyways.
I decided to wear my hair in a bun today mostly because my hair was a hot mess.
It was wavy and out of control so I tamed it with a bun.
Since it was wavy it gave my bun some volume to it and it allowed it to hold together
with the help of bobby pins of course!
No hairspray was needed!

Okay so moving on to the announcements I have.
  1. I am going to start a project video on this blog. It may end up on my YouTube channel. It may not. Who knows what my mood will be.
  2. I will definitely be focusing more on fashion and make up from now but that doesn't mean I won't talk about my personal life or do "tag" questions.
  3. I am changing the layout of my blog. It'll be easier to navigate but I will still have the "tagboards" but this time the tagboards will have words rather than colours!
  4. I will not add the prices to any of my items anymore because sometimes I feel like the prices can scare away some people and they feel "hopeless" like they can't find any similarities or they give up. If some people would rather have me put it I will appreciate the feedback :)!
  5. I will type away all my notes and ideas on this blog. I think I enjoy an online journal rather than a private one. That saying I will start to copyright and give credits to other people and to start disclaiming things. Which means in the future I will watermark my pictures and videos! 
Anyways that's all I got!

Au Revoir 

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