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I know I'm so bad at keeping track on what I need to post but this is yet another late post! I said you guys can expect a "purchase" post or what some people call it: a haul! This haul contains purchases from last week of January to March 1st! Most of my items that I bought are dedicated to the upcoming warm seasons such as Spring and Summer! So brace yourself, this post is quite long :)!

Chunky Strap Platform Sandals - Zara $60
I know they're a bit dirty at the top because I wore them on Saturday at a dinner with my girl friends. 
We walked on chalky pavement to burn our food babies LOL. 
I'm absolutely in love with these chunky sandals.
I saw a similar pair at Little Burgundy and it was $100. 
This was a long time ago and since then I was trying to find a similar style and this one shows up!
The thing that I absolutely love about these are the straps!
I have been collecting chunky shoes and I'm going to admit my ankle gives in sometimes.
The wedges are so hollow inside that it can make anyone wobble and stumble. 
The straps on these sandals prevent the wobbling and flinches of falling!
(Although I did trip on some rocks which could ultimately explain the chalk on the tip of the sandal)

Brown Slip Ons - H&M $3
Yeah the red stickers are the mark down price!
I hate when H&M does that, it's so hard to peel it off.
You guys can probably see the strings wrapped around my ankles.
This just secures my foot in the slip ons because they're actually one size up.
I just had to get them.
What I did was cut up one of my cat's cradle string and just use it for my ankles!
These will be perfect to wear in the Spring and Summer!

Chunky Shiny Heel Wedges - H&M $3
Can you guys believe the price?! This was originally $50!!
Again these heels are one size up but I know I'm probably going to wear thick socks with these or even layer some of my tights! 
The size difference isn't that noticeable, that's mainly why I got it.
Oh and I've been eyeing it every time I go to H&M!
I absolutely adore the look and the glossy wedge heel because it gives my outfit some personality

Sunflower Turtle Neck Crop Top - Urban Behaviour $5
I am a complete sucker for any sunflower or daisy printed things.
When I saw this top that my friend, Austin showed me I absolutely had to get it.
The fact that it's a turtle neck too was a bonus!
I'm a little crazy about turtle necks. I mean who isn't?
They keep your neck freaking warm and it kind of gives off the "classy" or "mature" look.
This top is so ideal to wear in the spring and summer!
The colour of the sunflower will compliment the weather and since it's sleeveless it'll keep me cool!

Black Retro Cat Eyed Sunnies - XXI $8
Maroon Cat Eyed Sunnies - H&M $7
Gold Lace Choker - XXI $10
I saw these sunnies at H&M and seriously I couldn't stop thinking about them.
I know I have been saying that a lot but it's so damn true!
Whenever I see something and I say "damn I need to get that," I end up getting it.
To me it makes my face look a little bit slimmer LOL(sigh).
What's awesome about these sunglasses is that they have gold tips at the end!
I couldn't take a picture, for that I apologize!
Ah yes, you guys probably already know these sunnies!
It's linked in my February Favourites down below if you scroll down!
I bought these the day after I got my maroon sunnies... HAHA! 
Call me a shop-a-holic!

You know how they say that you're more likely to get something if someone else agrees with you?
This is the case for this necklace.
I still remember my reaction when I saw this.
I was in love with it but I was skeptical about the price.
However persuaded by the opinion from my friend, Michelle I decided to get it.
And I'm glad I got it because I was in need of a new necklace!
I purchased this with the retro sunnies!

White Crackled Stone Earrings - Ardene's $3
Diamond Shape Striped Patterned Earrings - Ardene's $3
Matte Gold Patterned Hoops - H&M $1
What a deal.
I honestly don't know what to call these earrings so I'm just labeling on their appearance.
I'm sure they have specific names but I honestly don't know.
I'm in love with these earrings, mostly because they were on sale LOL.
But also they're earrings I can wear when I do an up-do hairstyle!

Left: Different Patterned/Texture Gold Bangles $3
Right: Stretchy Gold Bracelets - H&M $2
I have gone back to wearing my arm candy and when I saw these I thought it would look great in my collection!
Not to mention their prices were a must have.
I guess I only buy for the price..? LOL
But really, these bracelets are cute and very easy to pair with an outfit!

I went a little too happy on the nail-polish purchasing!
From left to right (Revlon) $4-5 each
020 - Pure Pearl
933 - Chameleon
220 - Enchanting
909 - Sheer Petal
917 - Plum Seduction
705 - Gray Suede
280 - Bubbly
410 - Dreamer 
161 - Teak Rose
As you can tell majority of these colours are light and I pretty much bought them for the upcoming spring and summer!
The darker colours are the ones I'll be wearing when I'm feeling "meh" about certain days!

Aveeno - Daily Moisturizing Lotion (My mom gave it to me actually)
L'OREAL - Voluminous Mascara $7
Urban Decay - Make Up Setting Spray in Oil Control $15
Aveeno - Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 $17
Crest 3D White Toothpaste $3
Wet & Wild - Walking on Eggshells Trio Eyeshadow $4
Most of these items were necessities 
I'm back on that 3D teeth whitening because I just want my teeth to be whiter LOL.
This has been my 2nd bottle of Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer and I really enjoy it.
It's very nice and light on the skin.

Maybelline 915 - Blushing Beige 
I really think this colour would look awesome when the sun is out.
Lately over here the weather has been gloomy and I'm not able to whip out this nice colour.
Blushing Beige is a nice neutral lip colour.
It'll be awesome to wear with mostly my spring outfits!

Wet & Wild - Walking on Eggshells
I thought I would do a close up of the eyeshadow trio I got! 
I have a great feeling that I'm going to be wearing this every day in spring.
The colours are not that harsh! It has the perfect light colour to it!
It's also very simple and easy to follow!
I think this will be the first eyeshadow trio(quad, duo etc) that I'll be using each colour that is recommended for which eye part!
I'll definitely do a make up look with this eyeshadow trio before Spring comes along!

There happens to be one more thing that I bought but I won't show that because I'm saving it for my upcoming room tour :)! As of now my room is completed until I go to IKEA to purchase my dresser! I might hold off with the room tour until I get that dresser but I might not!

I hope you guys enjoyed this really long post and I would love to hear about what you thought :)!
Till next time lovelies~


  1. love that gold lace choker!

    xo, Brikena

  2. Great pictures... Loving the necklace and top...

  3. i nearly swooned at those first Zara platforms- they're AMAZING! they'll look awesome with dresses and stuff during the spring :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Thanks Marlen!
      When I saw them I was so excited to buy them!
      I can't wait to wear these more :)

  4. Great haul! They are all so lovely!! I'm a huge nail polish fan so Love them!! :) xx

    1. Thank you so much!
      And you can never have too much nailpolish :3

  5. Love those first and third pair of shoes!

  6. What a haul! Some great finds in there. You suit glasses so much.


    1. Thanks Hollie :)!
      You're too kind :$

  7. Awesome haul Aisha! The voluminous is my all time favorite mascara! I've been needing a good moisturizer lately so I may try that aveeno. Also, a girl can never have too much nail polish ok ;)
    much love, angie

    1. Thanks Angelina<3
      I agree.. I want more nail polish and I want to start collecting Essie... :$
      I loved your post! I actually want to try that sunscreen you posted in your everyday make up routine!
      Aveeno is awesome because they use organic ingredients! :)
      Haven't tried the mascara but I'm guessing it'll be a good one!! :)

    2. Do it! :) I must have top coat for me is Seche Vite- it dries super fast and makes your nails look like they just came out of a salon! Try it out if you haven't already!
      Thank you!!! Yeah the sunscreen is water based so it does no damage to the skin :) I think I'll pick up the Aveeno moisturizer soon- thanks for the tip! And the mascara is amazing. You'll love it. Do a follow up review on some products please!

    3. Thanks for the recommendations Angelina!
      Oh my goodness! I am in love with water based products! Something about it is so refreshing and light! I never buy any products that don't say "oil free" anymore. Or if it doesn't say and it happens to be oily I return it automatically!
      For sure reviews of these products are coming soon :)

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  9. Hey, great buy!
    The Zara shoes are awesome! I´ve been looking for some too!
    What do you think about supporting each others blogs by following each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Lookbook?

    xx Brittney

    ps. would be glad if you took a look at my blog! :)

    1. Hey Brittney!
      Thanks I'm in love with them :$
      For sure I'd love for us to support each other :)

  10. Loving that crop, that necklace, and everything makeup wise! You should do a review soon <3
    ~Makaela at


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