Saturday, March 29, 2014

Butt Out!

Before I do my promise posts I just wanted to do an update post! An update on why I wasn't able to blog for about a week. The main reason why I couldn't blog was because of school and also South Park. I mentioned this in my Liebster Award post. Why am I starting to get obsessed with South Park? It's because of their new game "Stick of Truth."
I knew it was released in the beginning of the month but I recently just started playing a week ago. I couldn't contain myself after watching my brother play! I've always been a fan of South Park. Their crude jokes are my sense of humor. After completing the game in the span of two days I had an urge to start binge watching South Park. Heck right now I'm watching South Park. Pretty much what I've been doing is School, Sleep and South Park! I even managed to watch all the episodes of South Park. I seriously cannot wait for season 18! 
Besides my whole fanatic with South Park my time was also spent on school. This semester is almost coming to an end and that means finals! I'm going to admit that this semester isn't my cup of tea but thank goodness that I still have a chance to redeem myself! So my blog posts will not be as frequent but I will definitely do the requested/promised post :)!

Thanks for understanding lovelies! Have some South Park!
Fingerbang Band
Stan and Kyle are my absolute favourites.
But then again I love all of them.


  1. Great post hun:))
    Love your blog,followed!

  2. Butt Out Nice article dear. I enjoy yo read this article. Can you help for Indian movie blog

  3. Great post dear as always:)
    Love your blog!

  4. I never got into South Park but you make it sound interesting!


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