Sunday, March 2, 2014

Denim Denim

Denim Denim
Over Sized Collar Denim Jacket - Forever 21
Cream Floral Print on Black Button Up - Salvation Army(Thrift Store)
Boyfriend Jeans - Forever 21
Black & Gray Striped Socks - (Found them in my drawer)
Black Buckled Booties - Forever 21
Gray Print Vintage Scarf - Mom's

Again, another dominate Forever 21 outfit LOL ^_^;
For hair I stuck with the messy pony tail look because I just thought it worked well with my denim outfit. 

I wanted to try the denim on denim look.
I know the denim on denim look can go both ways.
It can work or it cannot.
It definitely can work for starters
1) Just pick different shades of your denim
2) Make sure you have something printed 
3) Have a neutral colour like black/gray/white for your top
4) Accessorize! 
This look was inspired by this guy name Daniel
As soon as I saw how he made denim on denim work I just had to try it.
Oh and also the weather was disgusting outside so I thought denim was the best outfit to agree with the weather and how I was feeling about it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
I'll see you around :*<3


  1. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome, I'm now following!

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    Thank you! :)


    1. Hi Helen,
      Thanks =)! I will follow you too<3!
      And for sure I'll check out your blog<3

  2. love this outfit! Looks really chic.. Keep it up..


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