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Finally, here is my story, Fate!
(picture isn't mine!!)
It was a sunny afternoon when I saw them. I still remembered when I tied myself around his pinky followed by her pinky. As soon as I tied the knot their cries stopped. Their mothers held them close to their hearts.
“Charles” the oranged hair lady whispered into the newborn’s ear as she smiled.
“Lydia” the brunette lady said as she planted a kiss on her daughter’s head. I knew they were made for each other.
Lydia was hunched over the marbled counter. Her shoulders moved up and down. I could tell she hasn’t stopped. Her tears continued to fall from her cheeks as it stained the papers clenched in her hands. It’s been an hour since she found those papers. One was scrunched in his work pants, one was stuffed in his work desk and the others were in his coat. A sudden series of twist came from the front doorknob. She immediately stuffed the papers into her pocket and wiped her tears away.
“Lydia sweetie I’m home” a manly voice called out from the hallway. She cleared her throat to respond but her breath just hitched in her throat. The man stood at the doorway of the kitchen. He wore the usual grin on his face. I watched him approach Lydia. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer towards him. I felt the usual surge within me but it mostly came from Charles. He kissed the side of her cheek and slowly proceeded down to her jawline. This didn’t make Lydia giggle or smile this time. It made her cry. He felt a salty liquid brush against his lips. He quickly let go of his grasp and turned his wife around. He was greeted by a face he thought he would never have to see again. The usual surge started to dissipate and I started to feel myself twist at her end.
“Lydia are you okay?” he said as he extended his hand towards her face. She waved his hand away and the twist started to form a tangle.
“Charles do you even love me?” she questioned. It pierced his heart as if daggers were thrown at it. The corners of his mouth were no longer stretched from ear to ear but they were pulled down by the emotions of his heart. He opened his mouth but the only thing that came out was air. His end started to form a tangle but thankfully not as severe as Lydia’s. She brought her hands to her face and sobbed into them.
“Lydia why would you ask me that, you know I lo-”
“Really then what’s this?!” she screamed as she grabbed the papers from her pockets and threw it at him. It scattered across the floor with one of them faced up. Charles looked down and immediately froze. His tangles started to become complex and messy.
“Lydia I swear to you I didn’t do anything! Let me explain!” he said as he grabbed onto her hands. She shook her head. Another tangle formed from both ends.
“What’s to explain? If you didn’t do anything then you wouldn’t have multiple whore bills!” she cried as she pushed Charles away from his hold.
“I knew you weren’t ready for marriage. Maybe it’s best if w-”
“No! Don’t say it please!” he begged as tears formed in his eyes. She backed away and shook her head. Lydia exited the kitchen and started to pack her belongings. Charles sank to the floor with the papers sprawled around him. All he could do was cry. I never seen him this sad before and I know he didn’t do anything. I was the one who helped him reconsider. She stood at the doorway with bags in each hand. I knew they wanted to say something to each other but they couldn’t. She nodded at Charles and made her way out the front door. As soon as the door close Charles let out the loudest cry I’ve ever heard. Lydia rested her forehead on the front door and weeped when she heard his cry.
It has been 3 months since that incident. Neither of them had contact with each other. Whenever Charles tried to speak to Lydia her sister would tell him to get lost. I’m tangled everywhere, I’m stretched and worn out. They were so far apart from each other. The only thing that wasn’t touched was the knot I tied myself. Charles wasn’t able to smile genuinely anymore and Lydia never stopped the tears. I have to do something. They miss each other so much. I tried to unravel myself at both ends this time. It didn’t do that much it only gave them the motivation to go out. I just wished I was able to unravel myself fully so I can pull them closer like I did before but this time it’s very different. Charles got invited to go out by his friends again. This has been their fifth time taking Charles out. Lydia on the other hand was going out for the first time.
Charles sat by himself as usual while his friends invaded a group of girls. He sighed at the sight of this. He didn’t want to go and mingle. If he were to mingle he wanted it to be with Lydia. He fondled at the beer in his hand. I felt myself loosen. I was no longer stretched or constricted. Lydia’s end was slowly coming closer to Charles’ end. I saw her walk in the bar with her friends. Charles hasn’t noticed yet. He was too into his beer to look up for a damn second. She made her way towards where Charles sat. Lydia didn’t notice either. Her back was towards Charles and Charles head was down for Lydia to notice it was him. This was my chance to help them. I tried to unravel myself on Charles’ end because it was much easier to do so. His end wasn’t constricted or complicated like Lydia’s. I saw him put down his beer as he felt my unravel. He raised his head and slowly turned to the right, towards Lydia’s direction.
“Dude Charlie what are you doing buddy?! Come over here” a voice called out from the crowd of girls. Charles turned around to face his friends. He wore a smirk and waved his hand. Slow close, damn his friends. I unraveled myself again and Charles looked to the left. I felt his heart increase and the familiar surge started to build from his end. He saw her back, the back that he used to hug from behind and gave Lydia her favourite kisses. Lydia still hasn’t noticed. Even when his moron of a friend yelled his name out. I guess she was too busy listening to her friends. I unravelled myself from Charles’ end as it started to become easier. Charles got up from his stool and approached his wife. Her friends were the first one to see him of course. They shot death glares at him but that didn’t scare Charles. The more that I could unravel the more confidence Charles got.
“Lydia” he spoke. She turned to face the direction of his voice and the same urge started to come from her end. However it wasn’t as much as Charles but it was definitely something. Lydia’s mouth hung opened as she saw her husband for the first time in 3 months.
“Let’s go Lydia we can find another bar to hang out in” one of her friends said. The other two bimbos nodded with her. At least I wasn’t being stretched anymore. They haven’t been this close since what felt like forever.
“Lydia can we talk?” he said as he ignored the remarks of her friends.
“I don’t think she wants to talk” one of her friends replied.
“No it’s okay I think I can handle this girls, I won’t be long” she smiled at them. The girls left with one last glare and left the two alone. He sat beside her and both of them exchanged awkward smiles. It was quiet for 20 minutes, like the first time they went on a date.
“Will you let me explain about those papers?” he said to break the silence. Lydia fiddled with her fingers until she said yes.
“Yes I’ll admit I did go to a brothel” Charles said. Lydia got up but Charles placed his hand on her arm which made her sit down.
“Once you step in you get charged and I went multiple times because I was considering on sleeping with another girl. The temptations were there but I couldn’t stand losing the thought of you. I swear I was going to tell you that’s why I kept all the bills. I just never found the right time” he said as he grabbed her hand. Lydia started to form tears within her eyes but I felt Lydia’s end unravel more.
“Lydia, if I could take back my stupidity I would. I know I shouldn’t have even considered about cheating on you. You were so good to me and I’m a terrible husband I’ll accept that. I’ll understand if you don’t wan-” Lydia wrapped her arms around his neck and locked lips with Charles.
“That’s all I wanted to hear from you. I may be crazy for forgiving you because you did consider to think about cheating on me but I can’t stand being away from you anymore. I prayed every night for a sign and this happened.” She said as she held unto Charles. He kissed her forehead and held her tightly within his arms.
“It’s crazy I wasn’t even supposed to come out tonight. It was like there was something telling me to go out.” She continued
“Like fate!” They both said in unison. I felt the surge coming from both ends now and the tangles were all gone. I was no longer worn out nor stretched. My thread returned to its natural red. I definitely missed this feeling.


  1. This was very good! Really happy I found your blog. I enjoy writing too, you should consider self publishing! :) I'm following you now on GFC, keep in touch! :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. Hi Leah!
      Oh my goodness, I'm glad you liked it!
      I was having such a hard time writing this!
      I'm still too shy :$ but yeah I will consider it!
      And I will do the same!
      I'd love to be friends<3

  2. such an awesome story although i feel lydia gave in too quickly in the end.. cannot wait 2 see more...

    1. Thanks for your feedback Nicole! I appreciate it!
      Yeah I totally agree. I hate what she said but I'm too lazy to fix it... LOL D:


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