Sunday, March 16, 2014

Flowers and Capes

Afternoon lovelies!
How long has it been since I blogged? Probably more than a week!
I'm sorry, I thought I would've been able to blog on Wednesday but I was swamped with a ton of work and other things!
Anyways I'm here now and I want to start off with an OOTDs post! This is just a compilation of my previous outfits in the last couple days!

Here's an overview of all my outfits 
I just noticed I repeated some of my clothes in different days.
That's okay though. LOL. 

Bring Me Back To Them Days
Oversized Collar Denim - XXI $40
Floral Dress - XXI $5
Black Tights - Sears $5
Vintage Brown Loafers - XXI $5

WOW! I didn't realize almost everything I'm wearing is from XXI!
WOW. Again, how ironic!
The title for this outfit is quite long but I felt when I was wearing this that I was from the 70's mixed with the 90's just because of the flowers and denim compiled into one. 

Denim Capes
Maroon Cat Eye Sunglasses with Gold Tips - H&M $7
Oversized Denim Collar - XXI $40
Cream Basic Dress - H&M $10
Black Long Cardigan - H&M $20
Tights - H&M $2
Black Ankled Booties - $10

I bought this cardigan when we went shopping and put it on.
It was on sale for 20!
I asked if it looked okay and he said
"It looks like you're wearing a cape"
When he said that I was happy.
Something about long cardigans or long jackets makes me feel awesome.
OH! And I have more pictures but that'll be in a different post! :)

Black on Black
Black Toque - XXI $5
Black Retro Sunglasses - XXI $8
Black Long Cardigan - H&M $20
Charcoal Top - H&M $4
Black Skirt - XXI $10
Black Tights - Sears $5
Black Ankled Booties - XXI $10

Another outfit that goes back and forth with XXI and H&M
I know my wardrobe consists of those two stores but that's because their clothes are affordable.
Oddly enough the weather was sunny and I chose to wore black.
It was probably because I didn't feel like going to school that day!

I know I said I'd do a SKIN CARE video and don't fret it will be coming up shortly! 
Sorry for the delay!

Au Revoir Lovelies<3


  1. Love these! And I also love how it's super affordable!

    1. Thanks Abby!
      I agree! I wouldn't know what to do if those stores didn't exist! Hahaha :)

  2. the flower dress is very cute!! :)

  3. love love love the black cardigan I'm trying to find one like that!

    1. Hey Lucy!
      Thanks :)!
      I pretty much wear it everyday now LOL :$!
      You should try H&M and Zara!

  4. I love the denim jacket, I just bought one really similar and I love it!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. Thanks =)!
      when I saw the denim jacket I knew I just had to get it!


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