Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello Haul!

I recently just got paid and I decided to get a little bit of goodies for myself! To be fair most of these items were essentials... Okay fine, most of these items were impulsive purchases and some were essentials. I just can't help it, I literally want everything I see! It's so unfair hahah! Although I am going to be saving up so I can finally purchase my IKEA dresser and post a room tour video!
Here are the few goodies that made my debit card sad BUT made me happy =)

Earrings - Ardenes
Sunglasses & Bow - H&M
I got these three pairs of earrings at Ardenes!
They had their usual sale for 3 for $10
When I saw these three I just had to get it!
I know the black stone with gold plating is pretty much the same as the aqua one
but there wasn't really another pair that caught my attention like the aqua ones!
The crystal mashed up diamond earrings reminded me of my old pointy ones that I lost at a party.
When I saw these pair I thought it would be a great "replacement"
I've been wanting a bow for quite a long time actually.
I just never brought myself to look for one.
I finally got to purchase one at H&M for $4 or 5 I'm not too sure.
It's leather material and a nice simple colour, black!
I can't wait to wear it! 
I'll be sure to post some pictures soon!
When I first saw these bad boys I literally flipped!
The sunglasses' shape makes it seem so simple but the gold design at the corner gives it a hint of classy on it!
It was pretty cheap too since I got it for $8! 
I've been going a little crazy on sunglasses.
I guess I'm just excited for all the sunshine this Summer!
Here's an overview of Friday's purchases!
Neutrogena Sunscreen Lotion - Superstore $15
This product was recommended by Angelina in her make up routine video!
You guys should check her out!
I bought this product because I thought I needed more protection from the UV rays!
The thing that I absolutely adore about this product is that it doesn't have the sunblock smell nor residue!
It is very ideal when you want to put on make-up without feeling like you're wearing too much on your face.
Also a bonus it won't cause breakouts :)
St.Ives Exfoliating Green Tea Scrub - Superstore $6
Originally I wasn't supposed to get this.
However when I read that it had Blemish Control on it I just had to try it!
Lately I've been getting break outs here and there and I thought 'hey, why not give it a try!'
I mean I have nothing to lose because Green Tea is the best when it comes to fighting acne!
It gets rid of redness because green covers redness really well and can soothe inflammations from those nasty zits!
I'll be sure to do a review on this!
Annabelle Lip Liner in Buff - Superstore $4-5?
I was supposed to get this a long time ago but I forgot it in my shopping basket.
I really like the nude-beige colour it has.
It got really well with my other lipsticks so I'm quite happy on this purchase!
(This is my first lip liner!)
Revlon 730 - Valentine $4
Okay I know. 
I should probably stop buying nailpolish.
I can't help it!!
The colour is a nice deep but rich red. 
If that makes any sense?
Nivea Invisible Deodorant - Superstore $3
I absolutely adore anything Nivea!
This deodorant works so well!
It protects your white tee's from those nasty yellow stains
and it gives you a nice scent when you sweat hahahah!
St.Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Cleanser - Superstore $5
I wasn't even supposed to get the exfoliating scrub, I was originally supposed to get this however when I went to buy it they ran out of this product so I ended up buying the scrub instead!
This stuff works like magic, I KID YOU NOT!
I had a pimple near my eyebrow and when I used this cleanser it was gone the next day!
Definitely doing a duo review with the scrub and cleanser since they're the same line. 
Crest 3D White Mouth Wash - Superstore $7
Since I got the toothpaste I might as well get the mouthwash :)
Daisy Print Bikini Top - XXI $12
I'm a sucker for daisy/sunflower printed anything!
I think I mentioned this before.
When I saw this I absolutely positively had to get this!
Besides my bikini top is way too small now... LOL.
(These aren't excuses okay!)
Long Black Cardigan - H&M $20
This was on sale from 40 to 20!
I feel like I'm the worst when it comes to sales.
If I see it's on sale I immediately have to get it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul :)!
Let me know what you think about my purchases!

Peace lovelies<3


  1. Loving those sunglasses! The sides are gorg! Love how you call them bad boys :)
    I also really like those turquoise earrings and the bikini top.
    Great haul!! Haha hope the your debit card gets HAPPY again soon :) hehe

    1. Thanks Jade!
      Hehe thanks, when I saw them I just had to get them LOL!
      It'll be happy in two weeks... :P!

  2. I can see why your turquoise earrings caught your eyes -- they're gorgeous! And you really did do quite the damage to your card. Haha. Been there, done that. But it's sooo worth it!


    1. Thanks! :)
      And I know!
      Next week my debit card will be repaired... LOL! :)

  3. Those sunglasses are cute! I like the bow too :)! Wow you made quite a purchase!

    1. Thanks Lucy :)!
      I know.. I should really stop buying things !

  4. I love St. Ives! Their stuff always makes me feel so fresh & alive! Lol! I've never tried the green tea scrub, I'll have to get it!

  5. Oh my gosh you got the sunscreen! :D I'm SO glad you like it! I love that the smell isn't strong either! Thanks for the mention babe <3 Beautiful sunglasses. And I absolutely ADORE the lip liner shade… I don't have any nude colors surprisingly… I should really grab one haha. Great haul as always!!



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