Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I at least check my emails once a day and I found this message in my inbox!

Originally I was going to cut off her name but Lucy said she was fine with it! Besides I managed to hide her email address (so don't worry Lucy you still have some confidentiality!)
Anyways before I dive into her message I just want to make one thing clear: I accept "requests" or "suggestions" for ideas on my next post! You lovelies are reading it and even though this is my blog I want to appeal to you all! You guys are my motivation to keep blogging! So I wanna thank you all lovelies<3!
You can definitely count on "How To Make An Outfit Stylish" for next posts but I thought I'd address your second request first! Mostly because giving advice for me triumphs over make up or fashion any day! 
I was going to film a video but I'm feeling kind of lazy and I always stutter so just for today I'll just type it out!

How to deal with haters?
I already did numerous posts about this topic however I felt my advice back then was just run on sentences and ramblings. It didn't make sense so here is my revised advice on how to deal with haters!

The first thing that everyone should know about their haters is that haters will always hate and  that they are either jealous of you or have nothing better to do. Those haters are actually beneath you and the reason why they are sending nasty words at you or doing nasty things at you is because they want to bring you down to their level. 
Now what do you do with these people?
I myself had countless experience with haters here and there and after trial and error I finally found the best solutions to get rid of my haters. 

1) Talk it out with them
Confront them. Talk it out. If you have the chance to talk it out with your hater by all means seize the opportunity. By talking it out with them you show maturity and you also show how much of a goof your hater has been acting towards you. Communication is key in everything! So many times people assume things because of miscommunication. Chances are you're most likely to sort it out with them. Just because you guys talked it out doesn't mean you guys have to be friends right away. The whole point of talking it out with your hater is so you guys can act civil towards each other. The way it really should be among people.

2) Ignore them
Haters thrive on your attention believe it or not. The only reason why they keep attacking you guys or picking on you guys is because you're pouring gasoline(your attention) on them(the flame). Ultimately it's just going to get bigger and bigger. So put down the gasoline and walk away. A flame is bound to die on its own eventually. This can be your first step in trying to deal with a hater or can even be your last step if you guys never tried this before. Ignoring can be so simple such as unfollowing them on social media sites and blocking them from your number or email list! Anything that helps you get away from them!

3) Letting it go
This is the best solution for me to deal with MY haters. Yes I have haters and I haven't met anyone who doesn't. Even Jesus who is the perfect divine being has haters. How I deal with my haters is that I let them go. I let the idea of them hating me go. I let it affect me and then I set it free. I don't feed into their hatred because hatred is really just a vicious cycle and only you can really stop it. I used to not deal well with haters hating on me because I want everyone to like me but unfortunately we can't always get what we want. So before when I found out that people were hating on me I was extremely sad up until I realize their decisions for hating me was beyond my control. What I decided to do was to accept the fact that I can't always please anyone. After I accepted it I felt better. I accepted the haters choice and I didn't let it bother me because I let it go.

Everyone is entitled to their happiness. If anyone or anything is stopping you from that happiness why shouldn't you be able to get rid of it? No one needs negativity in their life. 
No one needs a Negative Nancy in their life or a Hating Heather !

Just move on, don't bother with them.
Don't sink to their level.

Lucy, I hope this was helpful for your friend. 
If your friend needs someone to talk to or if you need someone to talk to you know where to reach me :)

If anyone else wants to request something or personally ask me something please don't hesitate to email me!!

I hope all you other lovelies enjoyed this advice post!
(next post will be how I make my outfits stylish!)


  1. thanks aisha omg... i'm going to email you the details and such! your so nice and helpful :)! cant wait to see the styling one :)<3<3


    1. Hey Lucy!
      No problem! I hope this helps with you and your friend :)
      Let me know what happens next :)
      Good luck!! And remember I'm always here<3

  2. This was beyond wonderful. Very inspirational and reassuring… I haven't gotten hate for any of my social sites yet, but I am worried about that day coming. After reading this, I think I'll be able to handle it a lot better. Thanks Aisha!

    Much love,

    1. Aw Angie you're far too kind!
      Don't worry when that day comes I'll be sure to tell those Haters to back up! <3

  3. You have good advice! I would like to hear your thoughts on comparison & being happy with yourself...that's always a struggle for us all...

    1. No problem! I'll definitely do a post about that soon!
      So something like self confidence right? :)!

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