Saturday, March 1, 2014


As promised here is the L'OREAL True Match Foundation Review!
L'OREAL True Match in C3 - $15-17
I heard a lot of great things about this foundation and after my brother's girlfriend recommending me to buy this foundation I just had to get my hands on it.
I also wanted a "cheap" foundation to wear on semi-special occasions.
The great thing about this product is for starters is how well it blends on your skin.
It sits really well and honestly I didn't feel it when I was blending it across my whole face.
This is really important to me because I absolutely hate feeling foundation on my face.
I don't like the cakey feeling!
Some foundations that I tried in the past were too heavy and it felt like I was wearing a mask.
The consistency of L'OREAL true match isn't too watery or thick. 
I guess that's what makes it very easy to blend and how light it feels on my skin.
Another bonus of the product is that it has SPF in it! 
This is extremely important as it provides protection from UV rays!
(Ain't nobody got time for wrinkles)
The shape of the bottle is a decent size!
This foundation also sticks well to the face! 
When I rubbed my fingers or tissue on my face the product barely showed!
It's not as big as my other foundations so its travelling friendly!
Pretty much can stick it in any purse and apply it on the go!
 I just apply it all over my face and then blend it on a brush.
I just pour the foundation on the back of my hand and use my ring finger to apply it everywhere.
 I use the e.l.f Powder Brush to blend the foundation all over my face.
The only thing I didn't like about this product was the amount I was using.
It might have been I wasn't using enough but I found myself reapplying the foundation to some places it missed to cover up some red areas or acne.
This is the final face!(LOL)
As for my hair I chose to stick with a high curled pony tail!
Would I buy another bottle of this foundation?
If you guys don't know which foundation to try and it's your first time buying and you're on a budget I would definitely recommend this!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review!
Let me know what you guys think about L'OREAL True Match Foundation!


  1. your so gorgeous as always... i must try this product!

  2. i was thinking about trying this, thanks for sharing!

    xx fameliquorlove

    1. You should definitely try it! It's definitely a hit not a miss! Glad you liked it<3

  3. Such a good review, I've been looking for a new foundation for a while now, will bare this one in mind!

    1. Hey Harriet!
      Thanks for commenting!
      And yeah you should try this out! I really like it and its a nice light foundation too! I'm glad you enjoyed this review :)


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