Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Because of my neglect to post more I decided to do this review early!

First off this purchase was half impulsive and half want.
I was really skeptical about this product because it's from the FIT ME line by Maybelline.
Maybelline makes great cosmetics but the FIT ME never really worked well with my skin for many reasons.
1) It broke me out
2) It dried my face out
3) It barely blended well with my skin
HOWEVER there ARE redemptions and this product was it for the FIT ME line! 

What I really adore about this product is that it blends REALLY well on my face!
It does it's job by covering all my dark circles under my eyes and conceal the reddness on my eyelids.
The applicator is also very handy since there is no squeezing or having to get your own brush and dig your concealer out of it's container like I do with my MAC concealer!
The size of the FIT ME concealer is also very reasonable, easy to carry in a small purse!
I haven't found anything I dislike about the product... YET! So hooray!

I just apply the product underneath my eyes to conceal those eyebags and dark circles.
I also apply it on my eyelids because it's very red around there!
I use a small brush to blend it out and then my ring finger to smooth it out!

Well I told you this was a really short review! I hope you guys enjoyed this =)!
Au Revoir M'Amis<3


  1. I have this concealer too, in the same shade, in fact! But It's exactly my skin tone and I want a shade up for brightening. I use it in my everyday makeup routine. I agree that it's soooo creamy and easily blendable. My only con is that without a primer, it doesn't really last too long. And it doesn't cover acne too well because it's so creamy it moves around as you blend it (in my experience). I do however think there is a better concealer out there, but I'm just too lazy to find out hahaha x) Great review!


    1. Oh yeah for sure! I just like this concealer because its blendable but I don't only use this. I also use my MAC concealer on top of this one as well for better coverage! I don't really put them on my acne cause FIT ME usually makes it worse for me


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